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My Top 5 Favorite BLACKPINK B-sides

My Top 5 Favorite BLACKPINK B-sides

From heavy-influenced trap elements to cheerful pop melodies, K-Pop’s biggest girl group, BLACKPINK, truly outdid their own title tracks every comeback. Unmatched of talents and personalities, our Pinks raised the bar high as they unfold to their global stardom.

As to their discography, there’s proudly a variety of sonic surprises. Like their b-sides, the group exudes of experimental charms. Let me walk you through some of my personal biases to BLACKPINK’s non-title tracks:

My Top 5 Favorite BLACKPINK B-sides

Pretty Savage

Shockingly enough, their song Pretty Savage has been a widely known banger since the release of the full-length record where it belong, THE ALBUM. Despite not having any promotional videos, the track became a topic for BLINKs as it accumulates over a hundred million views on YouTube.

The long play has imprinted charts with all-kill records, I mean, we’re talking about BLACKPINK here so there’s no astonishment for that. Making this side-b song the front runner of most streamed ones. Truly, with achievements here and there, the record is a masterpiece to start with as it speaks for itself.


Vibe the new flow with Really, produced with ear candy reggae beats this track will definitely make you feel your self. LISA’s rap bars are fire, complimenting with verses sang by JENNIE, ROSÉ, and JISOO. You’ll surely scream the words when they play this on tour or to award shows.

Infused of western jam, this bop is part of their extended play, SQUARE UP, the first of BLACKPINK’s Korean physical release. Took two years in the making, the track never disappoint on being captivating even of first listen. Topped off with TEDDY’s signature music, you know what’s next.

You Never Know

Nothing beats slow and hard-hitting songs like You Never Know. Curated of the message that is universal to all kinds of listeners. Organic and very direct to its aim. Withstanding as THE ALBUM closer, it encapsulates the swag that is BLACKPINK.

The lyrics made by LØREN and Bekuh Boom sheds light to the idol dilemmas and hardships our Pinks had of their K-Pop journey. Experiences that they overcame rather be condescending, attest to what the hatred they received being a prominent female name in the industry. Want a good cry to start the day? You better click that play button right now.

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Who doesn’t like bad-ass BLACKPINK? The song Tally is what keeps me going amidst the hard times. Perhaps, a single “I say F you when I feel it,” is all that it takes for work to be done. Free of societal preconceive notions, the track is a statement to all women who feel powerful and powerless.

Tagged as an explicit record, we can not argue how this signifies the attempt of doing what makes you feel contented about. Things that makes you, you. Giving up on relationships, seeking happiness in life, and pursuing what is left behind. I can assure that this song has it all.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Bouncy production and a great feels are what BLACKPINK’s Yeah Yeah Yeah has to offer. It is an uncharted culmination of bright tunes out of their 2022 LP, BORN PINK. We don’t have that much of PINK songs to consume with, and when YG does make it happen, it lives up its hype. Created with upbeat dance pop elements, the track feels as if a color change as you go by BLACKPINK’s discography.

Focused of solidifying the long play’s sonic identity, the song creates a thin line between early-sounding and old-school-new-energy vibes. Sound that YG sets as the label’s current route, musically.

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