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Zayn Malik breaks the internet; sings One Direction songs in 2022

Zayn Malik breaks the internet; sings One Direction songs in 2022

Does it ever drive you crazy… that Zayn Malik posted another episode of him singing a One Direction song on his Instagram? You read that right, Directioners!

Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction claimed he didn’t like the music of the band in 2015. In the same year, the group embarked on indefinite hiatus after being one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. It takes a lot for Directioners to save all the crumbs they could get in hopes of seeing the five members reunite. But with Zayn this year, he feeds us with his little throwbacks that are more than enough to break the internet!

Blessed by You & I

After 8 years, we had been blessed by the angels when Zayn Malik surprisingly posted a recreation of his eargasm high note in You & I on June 11. This unexpected 8-second clip garnered 18.5 million views with 208,658 comments on his Instagram and it seems like Directioners still can’t get enough of this until today!

Instagram | Zayn Malik

You & I by One Direction was released on April 18th of 2014, under the third studio album entitled Midnight Memories. This hit won the British Video of the Year in Brit Award in 2015 and Teen Choice Award for Choice Music – Love Song in 2014.

What can be more heaven-like than Zayn singing our favorite part?

Sweeter with Night Changes

Hovering the cursor in 0:04 of the Night Changes music video, you will see the most replayed part when Zayn Malik takes the viewers on a date!

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A second time, it’s sweeter than we expected when Zayn posted a 30-second video of him singing the chorus of Night Changes on Instagram last August 16. The a cappella reached 22 million views with playful comments from Directioners stating Zayn is playing with their fragile heart.

Instagram | Zayn Malik

Released on November 22nd of 2014, Night Changes served as the second and last single from the fourth studio album called Four. But what makes the song more sentimental? It marks the final single of One Direction with a full five members before Zayn left the boy band.

Just how fast the night changes! Will Zayn strike for another One Direction cover this year? What song do you wanna hear from him?

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