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Netflix series ‘First Kill’ is a teenager’s dream

Netflix series ‘First Kill’ is a teenager’s dream

Netflix released a paranormal-romance series last June 2022 entitled First Kill. The science fiction involves a romance between two young women. Both of them came from a family of vampires and a family of hunters. Aside from that, they are also destined to start their respective first kills.

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Netflix series ‘First Kill’ is a teenager’s dream

Their first encounter does not come easy as their families came from two different sides of the fight as rivals.

Calliope is descended from a family of hunters. They must kill a monster to officially become a part of their family. Juliette, on the other hand, comes from a family of vampires. They need to kill someone to join the family.

It sure is difficult for the two of them to find their first kill. Despite being each other’s rivals, they still fall in love with each other. The spark, of course, remains and they chose each other.

Watching First Kills feels so addictive.

I have noticed that teenagers have become fond of watching forbidden love. With families remaining rivals, only a forbidden love can strengthen and unite both families. It seems as if Netflix has given this story a good combination for a Romeo and Juliet retold.

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That’s what makes it a teenager’s dream – a romance accompanied by a supernatural story.

Teenagers already dream of having this kind of romantic story with a supernatural genre. Especially, our beloved LGBTQ+ individuals out there who relate more to the story of Calliope and Juliette.

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