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Is it necessary to let go, to grow?

Is it necessary to let go, to grow?

Growth is sometimes uncomfortable. Usually, our guts tell us that there is something that needs to be done. But what if you are in a relationship? Is it necessary to let go, to grow? Will you be ready to take a big step alone or will it require you some company?

Is it necessary to let go, to grow?

I don’t think you have to leave if to change is what you need; you can change right next to me. When you’re high, I’ll take the lows, you can ebb and I can flow, and we’ll take it slow, and grow as we go

Grow as We Go, Ben Platt

It’s a lyric from the song Grow as We Go by Ben Platt. It’s a perspective of two lovers that are about to make (probably) the biggest decision in their relationship. It is also coming into terms that people around you, particularly your partner will either outgrow you or you’ll have a lead yourself.

Furthermore, that urge to grow can require us to only focus on our own.

At the point where you’re about to choose between your relationship or yourself, do yourself a favor; do not doubt, and choose the latter. Listen to yourself and don’t be afraid of changing and growing. Love yourself and keep the things that make you happy, such as your passion.

Relationships are a lot more complicated than some people think. It’s not just hearts, flowers, and sex. It also requires you to grow emotionally. The moment you two decided to be part of each other’s life, you instantly think of not just yourself.

So, I think It’s the starting point of a dilemma.

When you seek personal growth while in a relationship. Most of the time, you can’t. Because there will always be part of you that will tell you to give your partner the affection and attention they needed and deserve. If one cannot adjust themselves to their new journey or multitask, doing it all at once would probably be difficult for them.

It may be repetitive at this point to tell that “Communication is the key’. And it still is! Any relationships require understanding. Besides that to be able to understand each other, you need to listen; with a clear and open mind. You of all people could understand them on a deeper level. Yes, it will not be easy, hence I believe that a love that is pure and secure will not hinder the happiness of their loved ones.

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So to answer the question, ‘Is it necessary to let go, to grow?‘—A YES and a NO.

Yes, it may be necessary for some people to not be in a committed relationship in finding themselves; but some people need it. They want their partner to be with them on their journey, maybe for support morally or emotionally.

One thing is for sure, it’s nothing personal against you. If your partner wants to go on a journey for them to grow, you must let them. Whether they want you beside them or not—respect them.

I think love is being able to let go of the person because you know how much it means to them to pursue the thing they want to do. Emotional security is a must! I hope that when that realization comes to you, you’ll be with someone understanding enough to let you explore the world without the guilt of letting go.

If it’s meant to be, It will be, right?

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