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Instagram Raid: Lovi Poe Living THE Life

Instagram Raid: Lovi Poe Living THE Life

My mind immediately thinks of two words when Lovi Poe’s name is mentioned: complete package. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also a dancer, a singer, and a really good actor. But her blessings do not only end there, hon. Believe me. 

Ready yourselves as we take a quick stroll through @lovipoe‘s Instagram feed. I am sure I am not the only one who will say “sana all” once you see how she’s living THE life that we all want. 

She acts really well

She is a Poe and acting runs in her blood. Ever since, I have always considered Lovi as one of the most versatile actresses in the industry.

I remember being afraid, and awed at the same, of her horror movie Guni-guni (2012). Lovi’s acting there was so surreal, I had to remind myself it was just a film from time to time.

Moreover, her recent project Sleep With Me (2022) just proves that she is indeed a flexible artist; and one with good taste and principles as well. 

She Gets to Travel the World 

Probably the thing I am most inclined to say “sana all” to. I mean, sis! Who would not want to go places with your friends, family, or partner, huh? Because of the nature of her career, Lovi gets to go to some really majestic places. Though most of the time she travels is to satisfy her inner wanderlust, we all still aspire to attain that work and play setup, right?

Lovi and Her OOTDs 

Getting to travel while wearing the cutest clothes is an absolute goal of mine. Whether Lovi is sporting an elegant and chic dress or just her go-to shorts, cropped top, and boots fit, she still looks effortlessly breathtaking. It is even more rewarding for her when you realize that she gets to afford these because of her thriving career. 

#LoviYourBody: Achieving the Body that She Loves

#LoviYourBody proves that Lovi is a very disciplined person. Under this hashtag, you can see her doing pilates, weightlifting, jumping, and running. Scrolling through #LoviYourBody makes you really wonder what is in the water that she drinks.

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She Gets to Have Her Own London Boy

Lovi is in a relationship with British writer and producer Montgomery ‘Monty’ Blencowe. Their relationship started in 2019, and it was a happy history between the two since then. Though being in a long-distance relationship, Lovi and Monty’s arrangement works for both of them since they have their own successful careers. 

Beauty, talent, career, and love life? She really is among the blessed ones. Thank you, Lovi Poe, for making your Instagram public. We absolutely live through you! 

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