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Queer Romance: The iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me Review

Queer Romance: The iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me Review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!
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New Kapamilya stars, Lovi Poe and Janine Gutierrez starred in iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me, written and directed by Samantha Lee. The much-awaited Filipino GL series tells a story about Harry (Janine Gutierrez) a late-night radio DJ with physical disabilities. Meanwhile, Luna (Lovi Poe) is a book writer who suffers from a rare sleep condition. Together, their lives entwine which blossom into romance as they also deal with misconceptions in society.

The Dreamscape Entertainment and Project 8 Projects team up in the romantic series which made its world premiere at the 40th Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, last July 19. Sleep with Me also bagged the Audience Choice Award for Best Episodic ahead of its debut on iWanTFC on August 15.

With the overflowing chemistry of the two award-winning actresses and how they nail the infamous opposites attract trope, the LGBTQIA+ themed series oozes kilig factor. However, the six episodic love story of Luna and Harry who happens to be both females is more than queer romance-centered.

Raising Disability Awareness

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Sleep with Me dealt with issues faced by persons with disabilities as the focal point of the plot. Whether visible or invisible disabilities, the series gives voice to them. Harry has a locomotor disability, while Luna suffers from delayed sleep syndrome. Separately, they navigate society as they face misconceptions regarding their respective conditions. But together, serving each other as anchors for strength. 

For Luna, her condition is foreshadowed when she parks her car for a PWD, yet the security guard dismisses her. Her condition leads her to lose an office work opportunity as a promotion too, with a 9 to 5 schedule. But when she turns down the offer of her boss, Luna receives a false claim of her partying at night.

On the other hand, when Harry loses her work as a radio DJ, every job interview she goes to leads her from being sugar-coated as overqualified. When in fact, her sitting in a wheelchair is the reason why they turn her down. Thus, during her project proposal to the company that accepted her, she aimed for inclusivity and equality for PWDs. 

Sleep with Me effectively raises disability awareness, an unusual choice of a central topic in Philippine TV series. From this, we can see the discrimination Luna and Harry dealt with that reflected in society— how pressing the issue is. It also promotes visible and invisible disabilities matter and the way it brought to light for the viewers to see PWDs as not incapable persons.

Unveiling Shown Symbols

Luna and Harry

Photo screengrab | iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me

The name itself means moon in Latin and the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology. It fits the character of Luna who can only sleep in the morning while being awake all evening. On the other hand, Harry means home ruler in German origin. It is commonly referred to as a masculine name, yet it suits the character of Harry since Luna found comfort, home, and protection within her.

Plant Container

Photo screengrab | iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me

Throughout the plot, the plant that Luna always waters and takes care of symbolizes herself. She tries to take care of herself too but without letting others do it for her. When Harry accidentally breaks the pot, the same goes for Luna’s emotions. She faces her personal dilemma that leads their relationship into a fragile state.

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However, broken Luna gets to rebuild herself the day she decided to fix the plant container into a whole once again. From then, she gets to rekindle her relationship with her friends, family, and Harry.

Luna’s Colored Clothes

Photo screengrab | iWanTFC’s Sleep with Me

At the start, Luna only wears black clothes since the color represents her nightmares and feeling of being lost in the dark. But, she wears light-colored clothes the day she fixes her flower pot. It depicts the time when she begins to overcome her fears and insecurities.

Sleep with Me is not the usual queer-themed series where crucial issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community or the romance itself are the central focus. The series is light and heartwarming, yet relays an awakening and inspirational message to the viewers regarding the standing of PWDs in society. In addition, it encompasses other topics too such as sibling bonds, treasuring friendships, and self-love too. 

You can stream the Sleep with Me original series on the iWanTFC app and website for free! Make sure to check it out and let us hope for a season 2!

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