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Film Review of the Filipino Light Drama “Family Matters”

Film Review of the Filipino Light Drama “Family Matters”

Film review of the light family drama film that was entered into the 48th Metro Manila Film Festival. It is one of the best entries in the MMFF of 2022, and it depicts a real-life struggle that a family was going through. The film boasts an audience-accessible plot and just the right amount of comedy and drama to appeal to Filipino households. The ideal movie for Filipino families to enjoy together. The narrative is extremely impressive in terms of the way it was put together, which deserves praise.

Film Review
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Family Matters: film review

In spite of the fact that siblings often disagree with one another, the family as a whole depicts in the narrative as being a reasonable. It is their parents’ example of a successful marriage. That has serve as the glue that has keep them together over the years. The overall effect of these seemingly insignificant occurrences is to render the film more lovable and approachable.

Graphics | Rianne Royce B. Opeña
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You get the sense from watching the movie that the family is struggling to find a way to properly care for their elderly parents. They have a strong focus on the needs of parents. They had a lot of failures under their belts, but every time they did, they found a way to fix the problem. On the other hand. Their parents, who were portray by Noel Trinidad and Liza Lorena, grew weary of living in the city. They longed to return to their previous residence. In which they could both take a deep breath and unwind at the same time. Everyone in the family wants to take care of them. Children who are traditional wanting to look out for their parents’ best interests.

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Graphics | Rianne Royce B. Opeña
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Sure, there are holidays dedicated to celebrating mom and dad, but you know what? Everyday is parents day. I learned from this film review how hard families work to achieve the ideal for their children and themselves. On top of that, we all make concessions for the sake of the family.

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