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Kryz Uy: A Mom Who Knows the Power of Purposeful Conversation

Kryz Uy: A Mom Who Knows the Power of Purposeful Conversation

In our life, it is undoubted that our parents play a vital role in how we become a person. And this includes our behavior and even the way we communicate our feeling. For this article, let’s take a closer look at how Kryz Uy-Young shows her children the importance of conversing purposely. 

Kryz Uy: A Mom Who Knows the Power of Purposeful Conversation

Being a parent is a full-time job in itself already and Kryz Uy knows this all too well. As a popular fashion and lifestyle vlogger, Kryz definitely has a lot on her plate. But despite her busy schedule, she always sees to it to engage in purposeful conversations with her children.

Why is it important, you may ask? This is significant because the way we talk to our children can have a profound impact on their development and well-being. 

Juggling Work and Mommy Duties

Through her vlogs, Kryz has been an inspiration to many new parents out there who are struggling to balance work and parenting. In her daily vlogs, one can see that Kryz always made it a point to have a meaningful conversations with them.

She rarely talks to them as if they were a baby who cannot understand her. Instead, she treats them as if she was talking to a friend, and conversely, Sevi talks to her like a grown-up adult would. 

Developing Language and Communication Skills Through Conversations

Kryz understands that the way she communicates with her children shapes their beliefs, values, and attitudes toward life. In addition, she also reiterates that having a meaningful conversation with your child can help build a strong bond between parent and child. These conversations give children a sense of belongingness and it makes them feel heard and understood. 

The Fruit of Her Labor

As a result, Scottie reflects a child that has a wide vocabulary and can think critically on his own. All thanks to her parents who encouraged him to express his opinions and to speak his mind freely. 

In this time where social media applications and video streaming platforms are easily accessible for children, let the parenting style of Kryz Uy be a reminder for us that communicating with our children is still the best. No amount of educational videos can ever replace this. By having a meaningful conversations with children, we are creating a more positive and nurturing environment for them to grow and thrive. 

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