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Dr. Inna Kanevsky: Doctor that debunks TikTok’s ‘Psychology Facts’

Dr. Inna Kanevsky: Doctor that debunks TikTok’s ‘Psychology Facts’

Dr. Inna Kanevsky

Dr. Inna Kanevsky Ph.D. is a Psychology Professor known for debunking TikTok’s viral ‘Psychology Facts‘. Moreover, she already fact-checked and exposed a lot of TikTok videos explaining how these facts aren’t true. Furthermore, Dr. Inna uses different sets of information from books as a rebuttal to the viral claims.

Dr. Inna Kanevsky: Doctor that debunks TikTok’s ‘Psychology Facts’

Furthermore, it’s true that Psychology is on a case-to-case basis. And, you cannot easily diagnose someone of having a mental illness just because of some psychology content that doesn’t have any studies as a concrete basis.


Maybe I should have dressed nicer for this to look professional, but I’m still who I am in a house dress. Sorry.

♬ original sound – Inna Kanevsky, Ph.D. (she/her)

Good thing that Dr. Inna is brave enough to prove those psychology facts wrong. With the rise of technology, it’s easy to upload content and pass it on as a fact even without having a proper study. However, those kinds of content could mislead people.

Moreover, Dr. Inna Kanevsky uses TikTok as her platform to educate people.

Ever since that the pandemic started, many activities have shifted online. And, Dr. Inna makes no exception to the online transitions. Furthermore, this became the reason why she made her way to TikTok.

“I don’t like doing video lectures because nobody watches them, I thought if I made one-minute videos just to show a concept or illustrate something, and then use music, students may be actually willing to watch that.” -Dr. Inna Kanevsky Ph.D.


Answer to @hkhiiiiz the first part is the same everywhere, but other countries may determine who can be a “psychologist” differently

♬ original sound – Inna Kanevsky, Ph.D. (she/her)

Moreover, she knows the pulse of her students on where she can reach them more. And since that TikTok has a one-minute feature, she easily explained some class concepts in the simple way possible. Also, she uses dances, acting, and trending songs, to make the learning experience with her fun.

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After a few months of her TikTok experience, she began debunking ‘Psychology Facts’.

According to InputMagDr. Inna began debunking other famous creators’ psychology claims. Moreover, she fact-checked those contents with titles like ‘psychology saysscientifically proven, and etc.’. Also, since her fact-checking blew up, some users would mention Dr. Inna for her to debunk such content.


#stitch with @psychology_masters Psychology masters, huh? Sorry, psychology doesn’t say this.

♬ Epic – Joystock

Misleading contents are dangerous because it can trick people to believe in those facts without having educational studies to support their claims.

This is the reason why we should be more careful of what we post on our social media. We cannot post something without having a little knowledge about things.

Moreover, it’s much safer for us to fact-check and to research using reliable studies, and sources, to enlighten our curious minds. Always remember, ligtas ang may alam!

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