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Discover this viral “magic water” in Binondo!

Discover this viral “magic water” in Binondo!

On a hot summer day, we Filipinos, usually quench our thirst with sweet cold beverages. From saging con yelo to halo-halo and the traditional sago’t gulaman, we whip up these different types of sweet drinks to help us bear the hot, humid weather. 

We usually find these ice-flavored drinks are being sold by the street vendors close to public transportation and schools. Even on cold days, they bring joy and refreshments to us.

Recently,  this “magic water” of Aling Bebe went viral on social media. It has hooked the attention and sparked the curiosity of many netizens. Aling Bebe aka “Palamig Queen”  has been selling her magic water for more than four decades now in the same spot of Binondo, Maynila. 

What’s so special about this “magic water”? 

What sets apart Aling Bebe’s ‘water magic palamig’ from others is it appears to be colorless, unlike the usual gulaman that comes in different colors. This seemingly translucent water looks like a typical “ice tubig” but it is similar to the classic sago’t gulaman.

On a youtube channel of TIKIM tv featuring Aling Bebe’s viral magic water, she said that she used clear gelatin or gulaman. Moreover, she infuses it with mineral water to ensure that her product is safe to drink. Almost every day, she attracts legions of customers, serving them her refreshing palamig for five or ten pesos. 

Aling bebe’s inspiring story 

Aling Bebe’s magic water will cool you down but her story will warm your heart. Every gulp of magic water comes from her dedication, hard work, and love for what she does. She said that she would not stop selling her product because it was her source of happiness. 

Photo courtesy: Takaw

While selling, she exudes her impeccable vibes and rapport with her customers. No doubt why she keeps them coming back. 

She was able to support her children’s education and own a house by selling her product on the street.

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“Ang buhay ay parang tubig lang umaagos, kailangan maging masipag ka, kasi kung tamad ka walang mangyayari sa buhay mo”

With her unique product and true passion for making her customers satisfied, Aling Bebe reminds us to strive and put love in everything we do, regardless of our status in life. 

The next time you visit Binondo, don’t forget to stop by Aling Bebe’s corner and try her refreshing magic water!

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