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Men can wear nail polish too. Period.

Men can wear nail polish too. Period.

There are still people out there who feel uncomfortable seeing men with painted nails. Don’t mind them. People are going to make assumptions about everyone and everything, so just do you. If it doesn’t hurt anyone and it makes you feel good, then you should do it, just have fun. I think men wear nail polish for the same reason women wear it — because they can. After all, it is empowering to see guys starting to explore things that are traditionally feminine.

Times are changing and there are no good reasons to restrict a person from trying things just because of gender.As a part of younger generation, it is my moral responsibility to be at the forefront in promoting whole fluidity thing.

CREDIT: Jenny Longworth

Let’s teach young boys out there that physical appearance and aesthetic choices should never define their worth.

Don’t equate anything with masculinity and femininity. Our value comes from within ourselves and how we are as a person more than what we put on our nails.

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