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Books About Philippine Mystical Creatures

Books About Philippine Mystical Creatures

With the Percy Jackson live-action series set to be released, nothing gives us more chills than our very own spooky stories. Here are some books about your homework on Philippine mystical creatures. 

Janus Silang Series

Photo | Adarna House

Edgar Calabia Samar wrote the series. Set in the modern day, the story talks about Janus Silang and his adventures in encountering the so-called Philippine myth characters. Tiyanak, mambabarang, the journey to the space of the deceased, Janus faced them and other Philippine creatures in this award-winning series. 

The Mythology Class: Supernatural Folk Heroes from the Philippines Arnold Arre

Photo | Nautilus Comics

Journey to the mystical land of tikbalang, kapre, and other Philippine myths with this graphic novel. Join Nicole as she strolls around the magical side of Metro Manila alongside creatures that she’d heard only from myths and stories. Another award-winning piece that highlights Filipino creativity in art and writing.

Philippine Myths, Legends, and Folktales by Maximo Ramos

Photo | Phoenix Publishing House

Going back to the classics, this book by Maximo Ramos is a compilation of known and unknown myths of Philippine Folklore. Compiled by Ramos, it aims to trace back the origins of these stories that were already existing in pre-colonial times. Stories such as the Creation story, stories about elves in the local setting, fables such as The Monkey Who Became a Servant, adventure stories such as Tale of the 101 Brothers and their Sister, and many more. Ramos also wrote and distinguished the hierarchy of the Philippine myth and other books that explore different themes in the Philippine Myth.

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“Mga Nilalang na Kagila-gilalas” by Edgar Calabia Samar, Adarna House

Photo | Adarna House

This book is a guide. It is a manual on a wide variety of Philippine creatures and heroes that were only seen in myths. The book has detailed illustrations and descriptions. That is why you can be able to learn about the characters that you need to get away from. It also features other characters that you would get to your team. 

Philippine myths and mystical creatures are mostly based on nature. These stories have the element of morality in them. The folktales were passed down through oral tradition. Analyzing them will give more light on what are the society’s norms on that certain period. It gives us a glimpse into how it was used to put hidden agendas against our ancestors. How did it shape the way of living in our own culture and country? And, are there any changes?

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