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Rebooting Pinoy Comic Book Superheroes

Rebooting Pinoy Comic Book Superheroes

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The hopes and possibilities to reopen the webbed chest in the attic of the Philippine comic book superheroes are renewed. From the classic Filipino telenovelas to the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF entry, Ang Panday, unto the resurgence and reboot of Darna.

After all, these classic storylines are cliched and predictable, so the challenge to make them connected to the modern world and its modern ethical problems is exciting and is a thing to look forward to. Not to mention the technology of contemporary times can really create compelling and satisfying visuals.

Here are some classic Pinoy superheroes that deserve a reboot:


Photo | Mango Comics

Lastikman is one of the classic Pinoy comic book superheroes. His power is elasticity, hence the name. He can stretch and bend his body in any shape or form at will. He too can also transform into anyone. Lastikman is an alien who got stranded on Earth. It would be nice to watch him again on the big screen fighting monsters and bad guys with his elasticity and great humor.

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

Photo | Alamat Comics

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is a red-haired superheroine. Her powers are an homage to Darna’s, but Zsa Zsa has her own identity. Ada, her effeminate homosexual alter-ego, swallows a melon-sized magical stone as she shouts “Zaturnnah!” With contemporary times making the LGBTQ+ community more vital, it would be exciting to see how would Zsa Zsa faces the modern problems of the time.

Captain Barbel

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The strong man of the Philippine comic books, we all know the story of Captain Barbel as it became popular in Philippine media as early as 1964. From a thin little boy, Tenteng acquired his powers of great strength from a genie. He transforms into a muscular hero with a magic barbell. The character’s powers have also been passed from person to person. It is fascinating to address the issues of bullying in his story and delve deeper into moral crossroads.


Photo | guygar79, DeviantArt

Her story can focus on the problems that a typical teenage girl faces. Dragonna‘s powers can depend on her mood. She has pyrokinetic abilities that she can release when she loses her temper. It is up to her how she can control these abilities, and how she can use them for the common good.

Tiny Tony

Photo | EDP Blogbook, Facebook

A science genius and a math wizard, he got his Ph.D. at a young age. This leads him to work with a scientist. But in a laboratory accident that killed his boss, he apparently acquired his powers from it. As he shrunk himself, he needs to find a way how to get back to his normal self, while investigating what truly caused the accident. His story arc can pave the way for the advancement of the sci-fi genre in the Philippine media.

Pinoy comic book superheroes have become a part of our culture in many forms. It may be in the form of writing and drawings, in media such as movies and television series, or even in music, comic books have been absorbed not only by Filipinos but also by other cultures as well. 

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As times change, it is important for the old and younger generation to see a role model that has the right morality and judgment portrayed in the media. The past problems can also be addressed as to why it was askew. Yes, the comic book stories had been established before. That is why it is noteworthy that the reboot of these stories gives justice to their origins, and also are relevant in modern times. 

Another aspect to look into is the technology in which these comic books are being produced into movies or television series. The equipment that is used in the film-making industry undergoes upgrades and enhancements. With this, the effects and the cinematography needed to create movies and series can compete globally.

We had been creating world-class movies since the dawn of the art of filmmaking. Now we are discovering and honing the limits on how far we can go as an artistic country. In a way, it showcases the talents of Filipino artists not only in their own country but also, in the whole world as well. 

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