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Be Spelled By SBTown’s First P-Pop Girl Group YGIG

Be Spelled By SBTown’s First P-Pop Girl Group YGIG

Fall in love with SBTown’s hottest new girl group, YGIG, as they debut with their first single Shaba Shaba.

Photo | Mouline Sagun

The new Philippine-based talent company, Show Biz Town (SBTown), launched its first-ever P-pop group under the SBTalent Camp. Former SB19 producer and now SBTown CEO Mr. Geong Seong Han, affectionately known as Tatang Robin, works with Ms. Adie Hong and Universal Records in introducing the 7-member girl group in a press conference on Thursday, November 24.

Be Spelled By SBTown’s First P-pop Girl Group YGIG

Photo | Mouline Sagun

You Go, I Go

YGIG is an abbreviation of “You Go, I Go.” This is a reflection of the group’s teamwork in reaching their dreams and success as a Filipina girl group. Tatang Robin even referenced this from the 1991 movie Backdraft. However, it also reminds me of the famous Titanic line, “You jump, I jump.” Thus, this remarkably encapsulates the girls’ bond with each other as they strived to debut together as an OT7.

The seven members, JM, Vien, Darlene, Jewel, Hazelyn, Maeg, and Alexei, all underwent extensive four-year training through the supervision of Hong. Among the 20,000 people who auditioned for SBTalent Camp, only these seven ladies made the cut to train face-to-face. Hong even expressed how sincere and patient YGIG members were during their training period as they struggle with 8-9 hours of training amidst the health crisis.

Every training is really hard. I’m sure everyone experienced the pandemic so everyone knows how hard it is for everyone, especially the YGIG members. They are very young. During the pandemic, they did not give up. They fully trust the company, and they sincerely joined the training, even offline or online.

Set to rule the world, the ultimate girl crushes work on establishing their name in both the local and international scene to represent Filipino culture and music. Following the success of the P-Pop groups like SB19 and BINI, they dream of also contributing to the rise of OPM. With a group composed of charming aces and a solid fanbase, YGIG will surely make that possible.

YGIG’s Love Spell

YGIG’s debut song, Shaba Shaba, comes from a wordplay of, “Siya ba?”. This alludes to puppy love moments of wanting your crush to like you back. As part of the concept, the term is used as a chant to manifest or to cast a love spell. For the girls, however, the song is more about working towards their dreams as performers.

Eenie meenie miney mo, you you

Look into my eyes, your love on cue

1, 2, 3, 4, step-by-step

Mapapasakin ka

– YGIG’s ‘Shaba Shaba’

Shaba Shaba is a balanced mix of cute and cool with consistent rapping and a catchy chorus based on a nursery rhyme. Despite the contrasting concept, the girls amazingly left no crumbs with their fantastic execution.

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But, of course, its witty lyrics and cool choreography would also not be possible without the YGIG members’ contribution. Aside from their vocal and dance training, SBTown also teaches the girls to enhance their creativity in songwriting and production.

While their song is out now on Spotify, their music video will be posted on November 28 at 7PM (PHT) on their official YouTube channel.

YGIG Official Positions?

Meanwhile, when asked about the YGIG’s official positions, Tatang Robin explained that all members are trained to be flexible in all areas of performance such as vocals, dance, and rap.

Of course, in every girl group, they have certain positions. But it is a policy in the company that all members should be able to do the rapping, singing, and dancing. So, for this song, they actually have specific positions, but there’s a possibility for it to be changed in other songs they will release in the future.

For Shaba Shaba, here are the YGIG girls’ positions.

Alexei – Main Rapper

ygig alexei
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Maeg – Sub-Vocalist and Rapper

ygig maeg
Photo | P-Pop Wave

JM – Main Rapper

ygig jm
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Vien – Main Dancer and Rapper

ygig vien
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Darlene – Main Vocal and Rapper

ygig darlene
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Hazelyn – Main Vocalist

ygig hazelyn
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Jewel – Sub-Vocalist and Rapper

ygig jewel
Photo | P-Pop Wave

Without a doubt, YGIG’s magic will catch your attention as they pave the way to be the next global sensation.

There is a lot in store for SBTown as they announced that their SBTalent Camp boy trainees will be debuting this January 2023. Furthermore, the management also plans to consecutively release songs next year for both groups and nationwide tours. So, we will be seeing more from them in the next coming months!

Who is your YGIG bias? Share it with us in the comments.

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