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Bb. Pilipinas can keep the Miss Grand Franchise but under one condition

Bb. Pilipinas can keep the Miss Grand Franchise but under one condition

It’s no secret how Miss Grand International has established a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the Filipino pageant fans. With so many heartbreaks and close calls, many have urged Bb. Pilipinas to remove the pageant from its roster. And you know what? That might just happen.

With speculations and even confirmation that Miss Grand International is set to leave Bb. Pilipinas, here’s what we know so far.


Since 2013, the Philippines has participated in the Miss Grand International; however, Bb. Pilipinas took over the local franchise in 2016. Within those years, the Philippines’ track record in the pageant can be compared to a roller coaster.

We definitely had our highs—three runner-up finishes—but we also experienced some lows. Despite sending high caliber candidates, we have yet to win the golden crown. Additionally, three candidates failed to make the cut and of course, that made Filipino fans angry.

Since Eva Patalinjug’s exclusion in 2018, the hashtag #DropMGI has consistently been a hot subject on social media. To discontinue sending contestants to Miss Grand International, this has been utilized as a call to action for Bb. Pilipinas.

Photo Credits: Marco Sangbaan

This year, our representative has been chosen in the person of Roberta Tamondong. Can she finally bring the crown home or better question, is she the last Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International?

‘Miss Grand Filipinas?’

Last June, MGI President, Nawat Itsaragrisil was spotted in the Philippines and his visit raised many eyebrows. With only a month to go before the coronation of Bb. Pilipinas 2022, Nawat was seen meeting with key people in the local pageant scene. These included Arnold Vegafria, President of Miss World Philippines as well as Richelle Singson-Michael, a judge during Miss Universe 2018.

Due to this, rumors began circulating that Miss Grand has already left Bb. Pilipinas. However, this was quickly shut down when Nawat surprisingly, met with the candidates the following day. He even addressed later on that his pageant is still with the Aranetas.

Fast forward to just last week, August 26, during a live with beauty queen MJ Lastimosa, Nawat finally spills the tea. Addressing the rumors once again, he reveals that he has asked Bb. Pilipinas to hold a separate pageant for Miss Grand Philippines. Should Bb. Pilipinas do so, the franchise will still be theirs, but if they don’t, a new owner will be chosen.

Miss Grand International 2022 will take place on October 25 in Bali, Indonesia. Regardless of the outcomes and Roberta’s performance, this edition will undoubtedly see if it would still entice the Filipino fans.

Will the local franchise of Miss Grand International remain with Bb. Pilipinas or are we about to see the birth of a new pageant? We should soon know the answer hopefully.

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