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How to Thrive and Survive your Freshman Year! 

How to Thrive and Survive your Freshman Year! 

Congratulations, as you embark on your next journey in life as a freshmen student.

College as we all know is the toughest part of an academic journey. Wherein every decision we make causes a big impact on our future careers. Additionally, college is the point of our lives where we take steps into our more mature selves while enjoying being a student.

Because of that, as freshmen students, we want to start college with great memories and good experiences. We’re listing down things you should remember on how to thrive and survive during your freshman year.

Being an organized freshman student

During our high school years, most of the time teachers help and guide us on our homework. But in college, it’s important that you take initiative in asking your professor. Additionally, assess yourself and organize your tasks to maximize your time and make them complement your schedule. Know every due date, assignment, and class you should attend to. No one will remind you of these things except yourself. Create a memo or list down possible things you need to accomplish. It’s a simple way of organizing yourself.

Your academic adviser is very important

In some colleges, an academic adviser will be your guide throughout your whole college journey. So it’s important to know them because they’re the ones who will help you. An academic adviser usually helps with your course conflicts, adding and dropping of subjects, and scheduling your classes for the next semesters. So as a student, know their name and make sure they know you as a student.

Strive good grades as a start

Obviously, it’s one of the important parts of why you’re in college. Having good grades does not just help you in your future transcripts but it reflects your performance as a student. I am sure some of us know that college is tough and having good grades is usually very hard to achieve. But it serves as an inspiration for you to complete and succeed at more things. So as freshies it serves as a plus point to start your college journey with high marks.

Taking advantage of resources on campus as a freshman

There are times when our professors task us with things we can’t grasp in our books. So it’s important that you know how to properly resource your materials. Libraries, labs, and tutor materials are one of the keys to resourcing. It’s reliable also to have a study group that will help you understand the subject and can assist you whenever you feel lost.

Connect with your classmates and batchmates

You can’t complete your first week as freshies without socializing with your classmates. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, it’s important to make connections with your classmates. Similarly, they are the ones who will help you survive your college years. Most of them will become your friends and study buddies who will hugely contribute to your college life. Moreover, you should select college friends who are mature and who can hone your skills and make you strive better as a student.

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Be healthy, eat right and never procrastinate

Time management is crucial for you as a college student. So even if there you have a ton of workload, you should never skip a meal. Having a healthy and proper meal helps you think better and do better in class. Additionally, procrastination may result in bigger problems so manage your time well and make sure to set a goal every day.

Make time for yourself

College may be rough and full of unexpected things. It is where you usually feel pressure and overwhelmed with so many responsibilities. If you feel that burdens are taking a toll on your mental health, it’s important to take a break. Rests can be anything, from pausing for a while to treating yourself with a good meal or simply crying out the emotions you feel for that week. As a student, a break helps us loosen up, rethink and refuel ourselves to continue again. So make sure to breathe every once in a while.

Final words of advice to all freshman students

I know we all strive for our future careers, but most of the time we feel the overwhelming burden. But if you’re a student who completes your work —especially you earn good grades for that, you are entitled to enjoy it also. College isn’t just a tough time to study but is where you discover your maturity as a young adult. Have friends, join organizations, and help the university. Similarly, it’s a network of people socializing and sharing their stories. It’s a live experience where you meet every possible person.

So live your best college life supported by these helpful tips and I hope they help you to succeed.

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