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Why Life in Your 20s Is Hard

Why Life in Your 20s Is Hard

Have you ever felt more tired than usual? You ask yourself, “what am I doing in my life?”. Do you come to the point when you wonder what’s next for you? Perhaps also you think it becomes clearer that life is starting to be hard, especially in your 20s? If you’re in your 20s like me, I’m sure you can relate to what I will tell you now.

1. Too much expectation in our 20s

As someone who is the eldest among the siblings, I feel pressured to be a role model to them. A lot of times, I feel voices in my head that I have to provide for my family in the future. They always tell me to be the person who is always strong and does not complain in life. It is hard because everyone expects you to not mess up.

2. College is hard

College is not designed for you to just study. It is also a battleground where personalities clash and you are expected to adapt to a lot of changes… well… while studying. Because of these, the stress level we are feeling is getting to a point where emotions somehow should not be valid—to set aside what you feel for the sake of completing a task.

3. Losing your passion

I know it’s not just me who feels that when it comes to their inner talent or passion, I feel like I am unmotivated or that I cannot do anything. Sometimes, I tend to prioritize what I need to do before what I love to do.

4. What is true freedom?

When we were children, we always wanted to have the freedom that adults have. We never asked ourselves if freedom means happiness. Now that we come across that so-called “freedom” we feel unsatisfied. We ask ourselves if we really are “free.” Personally, I just feel tired.

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5. Losing everything

As we grow old and know more people, we tend to realize that they are not permanent. From losing contact with your friends to losing your precious pet, this is true for most of us. We even experience losing someone important… someone who will never come back. It is a hard feeling and requires a long process. Truly, nothing lasts.

Despite the different burdens that we experience in life, especially in our 20s, it also teaches us to be strong and adapt to changes. The important thing is to always appreciate the small things. Enjoy it while conquering the hardships. Lastly, I advise for you to move forward with the hope that tomorrow will be better.

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