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Heartwarming Anime Series That Will Cheer You Up

Heartwarming Anime Series That Will Cheer You Up

There are times when we want to watch a light-hearted show that has no actual plot yet is still captivating. Shows with heavy plots can sometimes take a toll on us also leaving us with heavy feelings. Well, there are shows meant to hurt us as well as shows that will make our hearts swell with joy. Anime is my favorite kind of show to watch whenever I’m feeling down. Sit down and relax while binge-watching these heartwarming anime series you’ll surely love, here are some:

List of Heartwarming Anime series


Barakamon revolves around the life story of Seishuu Handa, a professional calligrapher with a bad temper. Handa prides himself on his stunning creations, a little too prideful. That’s why when a professional calligraphy veteran criticizes his work he didn’t take it well and punches the critic in his rage. He then got exiled by his father to a small-town island to find himself and his inspiration.

This anime tackles the issue of the pressure in the industry, self-discovery, and character development. Through his exile, Handa learns to appreciate the small yet good things in life and meets a lot of different yet wonderful people. He found his inspiration different from his past objective which is to be greater than everyone. This series is really good for the heart, with its balanced comedy and simple plot.

Gakuen Babysitters

Orphans Ryuuichi Kashima and his younger brother, Kotarou faces the new challenges of life. After the tragic plane crash took away their parents, an elite academy offered to help them. In exchange, they have to help the school’s daycare from time to time. Ryuuichi becomes the school babysitter, he doesn’t just take care of his brother he also looks after the children of the teachers from the school.

The cuteness of this anime will squeeze your heart. If you like an anime with no actual plot, just boys taking care of babies and their shenanigans. This series is perfect for you. A nice slice of life with a mix of light comedy will surely light your spirits up.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a hilarious anime about the Manga artist, Umetaro Nozaki and his fan-turned-assistant, Sakura Chiyo. Having a crush is normal in high school, instead of confessing her feelings, Chiyo finds out Nozaki’s secret. The author of Chiyo’s favorite romance comic manga is non-other than her crush. This starts the chaotic RomCom story as they try to meet every deadline of their comic.

This anime is one of the most hilarious anime series ever. When Nozaki thought Chiyo is asking for his autograph when in reality she was trying to confess her feelings is epic. The series has a light yet captivating plot, comical most of the time. Also inspiring as Nozaki is really passionate about his comic to the point he’s dense about Chiyo’s romantic feelings. This epic heartwarming, rom-com anime will totally cheer you up.

Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou is a fantasy, slice-of-life anime that revolves around Natsume, a boy who can see spirits. Since he was a kid Natsume can see spirits that sometimes scare him, this branded him as weird. Being orphaned from a young age he transferred from relatives to relatives trying to find someone that will accept him. One day while going through his grandmother’s things he found an old notebook that contains names. Turns out the notebook contains the names of the spirits that his grandmother fought and beat in the past. Natsume’s journey to return the names of the spirit starts along with Madara, his spirit partner as they encounter different kinds of spirits with interesting stories.

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Despite the mention of spirits or yokai, Natsume Yuujinchou is a heartwarming anime that will leave an impression on the viewers. Natsume is a closed-off teenager, the result of the constant change of house that went through. Most of the time he tends to avoid the spirits that are bothering him, however, when he did communicate with them it also improves his communication with other humans. This series is worth the watch especially if you’re looking for a long series that has a lighthearted plot.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Hataraku Maou-sama is an anime that revolves around the Demon Lord or Maou who wants to conquer other dimensions to rule over. Unfortunately, he and his general got stuck into our dimensions with limited powers and now Maou needs to find a job to survive in our world. He then applied as a part-timer in a fast-food restaurant, where he learn and met a lot of new and old faces. Unknown to him, the hero of their dimension followed Maou, this starts their interesting chase, clash, and cooperation as they try to get live until they get back to their world.

This series is one of the anime that deserves another season yet it never came. The anime came out in 2013 and only now, season 2 is on its way. Unlike others, the series has a quite long and complicated plot, still, it gives the viewers heartwarming and comfortable vibes. A demon lord tries to conquer a dimension and ends up living a peaceful life while trying to earn money, this is definitely worth a try.

Enjoy watching!

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