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What Online Business Taught Us

What Online Business Taught Us

The pandemic has spurred the growth and crumbles of several industries. And despite the fact that online platforms have been growing for some moment, the e-commerce industry has significantly ramped up when Filipino people were forced to stay at home and complied with the quarantine guidelines. 

Customers have resorted to online platforms to make purchases and transactions in the unavailability of physical shopping. Physical stores have also continued to operate on digital platforms.

With access to a variety of online platforms, young aspiring entrepreneurs have also entered the e-commerce world.

Online Business. 

On February 17, this year, three young adults decided to launch an online business. Elaine, Dulce, and Dainalyn are college students that founded Time and Again, a digital thrift clothing store. Their love of fashion has inspired them to establish the brand.

Time and again, an online business marketed on Facebook has garnered 400 plus followers. All of their items sell out in a matter of days. They sell clothing at a lower price.

They said that starting the business not only changed their outlook on life but also taught them financial management.

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Before they spent an excessive amount of money on things they didn’t need. However, now that they are earning their own money, they are learning to value the items they buy. They no longer buy things on the spur of the moment. They have become a responsible buyer thanks to their online business.

Establishing the business has made them realize that it is not easy to earn money. They have to exert an amount of effort and sacrifice just to gain profit. But the three are thrilled to see what their business may hold for the future.

The growth of online businesses and the success of e-commerce have once again demonstrated the resilience of Filipinos. This demonstrates that no matter how difficult life becomes, Filipinos will find a way to live.

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