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Life lessons I Learned from My Mom

Life lessons I Learned from My Mom

Mothers know best. This line always reminds us of how great our moms are. They don’t just make our life easier by being a homemaker, but also someone we run up to when we needed help. Mothers are one of those we encounter who give the best advice.

I do agree with the statements above. Whether what clothes to wear to which occasion, if the shoe fits me, or even selecting fresh produce from the market. It is always my mom. Obviously, even at the age of 21, I still seek my mom’s opinion or suggestion even on the smallest matter.

Likewise, I also rely on my mom’s wisdom whenever I’m faced with the unknown. Seeking her advice and guidance somehow makes me untangle and clear whatever is on my way. I always keep and cherish every piece of advice she gives me because I know I can reflect on it when needed. Here are some of the advice you can ponder to:

Be Ambitious

My mom always tells me to dream big at just a young age. Now that I’m an adult, she still reminds me to dream big. Others may take it negatively as to being too ambitious, but being ambitious is different from being pretentious. There is nothing wrong with aiming higher and better. Build your own dreams, and make them into reality.

Que Sera, Sera

She used to cradle me to sleep with this song, Que Sera, Sera, when I’m too young to sleep on my own. Though the song doesn’t make any sense to me, I still sleep anyway. Every now and then she still hums the song, specifically the chorus, “Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera.” Then she goes to me saying, “Dapat ‘yan ang motto mo, que sera, sera.”

Hearing this song today, it all makes sense to me now. I learned to let go and let life lead me where it wants me. I’ve been trying to control all the circumstances in my life, ending up being frustrated and disappointed. Whatever is meant for me, will still find me.

Value Yourself

My mom also reiterates the importance of valuing oneself. Putting yourself in priority before others is the first step. Either trying to look our best or investing in self-development. If this may sound egoistic, it is not.

Why? There is nothing wrong with choosing ourselves first.  There is no harm in valuing ourselves. Besides, no one will ever recognize our worth more than we do.

You Won’t Always Get Your Way

Just sharing a glimpse of my younger self. As an elementary student, I always aimed of being one of the creams of the crop in class. Getting high scores exam per exam, and trying to participate in extra-curricular. Until I got the lowest score in one of my exams and can no longer join other activities. I cried my heart out.

Not too long until mom grew tired of consoling me, and just said, “Ganun talaga, ‘di sa lahat ng oras makukuha natin yung gusto natin.” Hearing those from her made me more sullen. There’s a mix of pain and comfort in accepting that not all things are meant for us. Yes, it is upsetting not achieving what we wanted. I realized that things that we get in life are not just what we desire, but also what we need and deserve.

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Do and Choose What You Love

We often say that we do things out of our own will. However, this is not always the case. There are instances when I am forced to do something.

I can no longer recall the times I have done something unwillingly. Be it a task, or hobby, Still, I am certain that doing so is exhausting. The exhaustion is not physical but mental and emotional, which for me is far more draining. It is as if my heart is revolting inside.

This is the consequence of not pursuing or accomplishing what we are not passionate about. No matter how much effort we put into it, we still can’t pour our hearts out. This is the reason why mom constantly advises me to always do and choose what I love. She notes that doing things wholeheartedly brings the best out in me and will make me feel a sense of fulfillment.

Without a doubt, our mothers know best especially in making our life a bit bearable. Read more on this link for more related articles.

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