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5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Grandmother

5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Grandmother

Grandmothers are unquestionably our second parents and second homes. They are the building blocks of our life. You’d undoubtedly hear them say, “Papunta pa lang kayo, nakabalik na ako.” True enough, they came before us, they went through difficult times, and situations, and might even witness a world war, but they made it. And what they went through resulted in a depth of knowledge to pass on to their grandchildren. 

My grandmother and I had a really close bond. She had an incredible heart. She gave us unconditional love, met our wants and needs, taught us new things, and most importantly, gave me the power to shape me into who I am today. That is something I will be eternally grateful for.

When I think of her or when her loss hits me, I remember the wise words she had shared with us. Invaluable teachings I will never forget these. This being the case, I’ll be sharing some of the wisdom I gleaned from my grandma. With the expectation that they will be of use to you as well.

5 Life lessons I learned from my grandmother

Always keep the faith. Even when life is hard

My grandmother was not a devout churchgoer like some of the other elderly ladies in our neighborhood. However, she reassured us that we didn’t need to attend mass every week to feel good about ourselves and to prove to everyone that we were honoring Him. Simply praying and giving gratitude to God in private, at home, is sufficient. She instilled in us the importance of maintaining our faith and giving thanks to God regardless of how difficult life may get. 

Eat what’s on the table; be appreciative

I see the value of this lesson despite the fact that not everyone will agree with me for some reason. I learned from my grandmother that it was okay to say no to a meal if we didn’t like it, but we should always acknowledge the effort that went into making the food. Remember: be appreciative of the person who made the food. Most importantly, don’t yuck the food that is yum for others. 

Spend Wisely 

My grandmother instilled in me the value of thrifty spending. I should always consider my purchase carefully before making it. Just because you have some spare cash on hand doesn’t give you carte blanche to buy anything that catches your fancy. She went on to say, “Magtipid kayo.Kapag may itinabi, may madudukot.” Due to the fact that you can never predict what may occur in the future, it is always wise to put some money aside for emergency purposes.

Don’t rush into marriage; you should finish school first 

This is one of the lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life or until I finish school. My grandmother would often warn us that marriage is not simple, “Hindi kayo mauubusan ng maaasawa, mag-aral muna.” In all sincerity, I observe some people struggling in their marriages, failing to properly raise their own children, and dropping out of college. The act of getting married and beginning one’s own family can be quite expensive. As a result, I am putting in as much effort as I can to graduate from college and land a good career so that I can provide for my family— or simply become a rich Tita to my niece… hopefully. 

BUT, even if you choose not to pursue higher education because you want to focus on raising a family—or studying while raising a family, you can still achieve great things. You need only to be clever, strategic, and, above all else, determined.

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Think ahead and plan carefully

It’s true that in this day and age, entire worlds can shift in the span of a single second. And this is why it’s important to think ahead and prepare for the future. “Paano kapag nawala ako, paano kayo? my grandmother would tell us repeatedly. This is why she stressed the importance of establishing a plan and thinking things through. She told us that with enough forethought, even the most outlandish of ideas can become reality.

The bond I shared with my grandma was the start of a legacy that I want to leave for future generations of our family. We will always remember and cherish the teachings our grandmother taught us. And, if she were still alive, she would be extremely proud of the progress I have made and the road I still have left to go on.

Grandmothers are wonderful because they are replete with life lessons. They are the ones who love and care for us, their grandchildren, unconditionally. So, tell your grandmother that you love her, and she will be so moved by your sweet words! Please feel free to share any life lessons your grandparents taught you in the comment section.

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