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Star Hunt shows solidarity to the LGBT community with ‘I Am’ Campaign

Star Hunt shows solidarity to the LGBT community with ‘I Am’ Campaign

We are faced with difficult circumstances and although it might take some time to see the light at the end of the rainbow to shine bright, we are still thankful for great intervals. In line with this year’s Pride celebration, Village Pipol Magazine continues to advocate acceptance, equality, and diversity. In our 3rd year of Beyond Pride campaign, we want to highlight individuality as a strength.

Which is why we gave birth to the ‘I Am’ campaign, where individuals can express their truth in one word and join the LGBT community in the fight for equal rights and proper representation in the Philippines.

We are overwhelmed with the support that keep flowing. In fact, we would like to take this moment to show our gratitude to our friends and allies in ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt!

In order to educate people that one’s worth will never be measured by gender, but their capabilities to contribute change and progression within their communities, are some of the Network’s up-and-coming stars including Karina Bautista, Jelay Pilones, Yamyam Gucong, Wakim Regalado, Gian Wang, Sky Quizon, Abi Kassem, Lie Reposposa, Lance Carr, Art Guma, among others.

These artists, as young as they are in the industry, have contributed immensely by using their voices to call for acceptance and freedom from prejudice and discrimination.

Village Pipol is overjoyed with the response to their campaign and continues on encouraging everyone to celebrate their individuality and to take pride in their uniqueness regardless of gender.

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