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Lighten up your moods instantly with Lumi Candles PH

Lighten up your moods instantly with Lumi Candles PH

Self-care is an important part of taking care of yourself, your health, and your well-being. It’s not just a word that a person throws around to be selfish. It’s an actual thing that people have to do, especially with the all-famous hustle culture. Self-care can be just laying on your bed, doing nothing, and aimlessly scrolling through your phone. But, it can also be laying down, putting on a hydrating face mask, and lighting up a scented candle from Lumi Candles PH as you aimlessly catch up with a new series on Netflix. 

Lighten up your moods instantly with Lumi Candles PH

I’ve been stressed a lot quite recently. With my older sister packing all her things up for her big Canada move, I’ve started preparing for the drastic change of taking care of her daughter while she’s gone. It’s a stressful moment for me because I don’t have a clue about taking care of a child. I don’t know if I’m even capable of taking care of myself. I don’t even think my brain is even at the level of considering me a responsible adult.

Aside from that, I’ve also been out of the house and going to events for three days straight. With the Philippines going into summer, it has also started something I call my migraine season. So, the stress has started to manifest in my physical health to the point that it has started triggering my chronic migraines. The heat of the sun, the blaring lights, and even the booming music during events have started to trigger the pain.

Then, I remembered, I have something that can lighten up my mood instantly.

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I lit up a coffee brew-scented candle from Lumi Candles PH. It’s a perfect scent while working in front of my laptop and drinking a cup of coffee that I brewed myself. It gives off a full sensory experience of drinking the coffee and feeling energized to even continue working. It helps out by slightly removing the stress that I felt, even for just a little bit of time. 

In fact, studies suggest that sensing the aroma of coffee has an impact on feelings of alertness. Although further research is required to actually confirm this, some studies suggest that the aroma can trigger emotions and evoke memories.

And, to be honest, I think it personally does. It makes me feel slightly relaxed as I continue on with my work. Although the thoughts of why I feel stressed are still there, the anxiety has slightly dwindled down. 

Getting to know more about Lumi Candles PH

Last Valentine’s Day, I opened up a package I got from Lumi Candles PH. I was curious about so many things. So, I reached out to a brand representative and asked a few questions to know more about the people behind it, the product, and even the process of making it.

Rich and Nesza Asuncion are the founders, the people behind Lumi Candles PH. They are former UAAP Cheerleading Champions from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. After they graduated, they became corporate professionals. Rich started working in the hospitality industry as sales. Meanwhile, Nesza worked in the digital marketing industry. 

From a hobby to a lifestyle movement

If you’ve seen their website, it says that Lumi Candles PH started as a hobby. Then, it turned into a lifestyle movement to develop products that consider the environment. 

This was inspired by the fact that not a lot of brands are consciously developing their products to lean towards being more sustainable or environment conscious. What we aim to do is somehow inspire upcoming brands to design their products in such a way that they also consider the environment and everything around them.

The minimalist look

And, I don’t know why but I actually like the minimalist look of the Lumi Candles PH packaging even though I’m a huge maximalist. I love layering outfits, layering colors upon colors. I love the vividness and the extravagance of each color and then matching them with another bright hue. But, Lumi Candles PH has a minimalist theme that seems to match every aesthetic.

We wanted our products to blend in any kind of environment without distorting the actual landscape or look of a certain space. Having a minimalist design enables our products to fit in any kind of environment. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the entire world to go on hold. As of March 2020, the government has instructed lockdowns in the entire country to lessen the spread of the deadly virus. Unfortunately, Lumi Candles PH was established a month prior to the pandemic lockdowns started happening. 

We launched the brand a month prior to the pandemic lockdown not knowing it was going to be that serious. And although that did hinder us somehow since we just launched, it also gave us more time to realize how we want to position our brand.

It inspired us to become more true and closer to our tag line which is “Lighten Up Moods Instantly” short for LUMI; this paved the way to help not just our customers by providing comfort, but also contribute to the community by funding several non-profit organizations in delivering aide to those who are in need.

Facing the challenges

Of course, just like any other business, Lumi Candles PH also had to overcome struggles. It’s kind of like having to go through the hurricane just to see the beautiful rainbow. Every business has to go through the darkness of the tunnel to finally see the light at the end of it. 

The challenges for each start-up vary, but there are 2 things we can say is common for all start-ups. First, is the crucial day when you decide to launch. Once you launch, you have to be ready to hear the good and the bad, you must open up your mind to things you thought were good but weren’t. You cannot be fixated on your own biases and must be quick in turning around whatever needs to be improved or changed. Secondly, and most important to develop self-discipline, you must be able to control your impulses and discern what’s a need vs a want.

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The most rewarding part is when you hear your customers share their experiences with your products and see them come back to order more. That’s when you know you’re doing a great job and you should start expanding to let more people know how great your product or service is. It’s a bonus that you get to control the pace and the time you start working, but it shouldn’t be your motivation why you start your own business.

The scents

As mentioned above, I opened up a package from Lumi Candles PH last February 14, 2023. The box included four scents: Lavender, Fresh Bamboo, Vanilla, and Coffee Brew. These four are the brand’s crowd favorites and best-sellers.

Lavender is an all-popular floral scent that promotes deep sleep and relaxation. Fresh Bamboo has a clean and refreshing fusion scent of bamboo stalks, aloe vera, and soft musk that can help calm the nerves and ease the mind. Vanilla, with its sweet and soothing scent, can help in warding off anxiety. Finally, Coffee Brew with a scent of ground coffee beans will surely perk up and awaken the senses for a productive day ahead.

Rich and Nesza actually have different preferences when it comes to the scent of the candles. Rich’s personal favorite is the Evergreen Shrub Lumi Candle because of its fresh and musky scent. Nesza’s favorite, on the other hand, is the Honeydew Melon Lumi Candle because of its subtle sweet scent throw that creates a relaxing vacation vibe that relieves stress and tension.

The use of non-toxic and environmentally ingredients and materials. 

If you’ve read a few of my articles, you know how much I love sustainability in every way. It may be in the form of thrifting to lessen the amount of clothing and fabrics going to landfills. It may also be in the form of utilizing reusable eco bags during grocery shopping. Lumi Candles PH also has its own form of being sustainable. 

We wanted our brand to be known as environment-conscious, pet-friendly, and of course, to deliver instant delight to our customers hence our tagline “Lighten Up Moods Instantly,” we want our customers to feel confident and safe whenever they purchase or we introduce new products.

While conceptualizing the whole thing we focused on what the customer is looking for while always considering the environment in designing the products we will offer to our customers. 

It is important that they feel and see that we have meticulously selected and prepared each and every product from the ingredients and materials we use all the way to making them feel special when they receive our products.

So far, I’ve lit the Coffee Brew Lumi Candle during the day and opened the Lavender Lumi Candle before I go to sleep. Of course, putting it out when I actually go to bed. It has been relieving to have those scents just wafting through the air.

So, if you want your very own scented candle from Lumi Candles PH, you can go to their website or follow them on their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.

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