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SB19 is dropping a comeback single on March 9

SB19 is dropping a comeback single on March 9

The country’s most popular boy group is finally making a comeback. SB19 is now ready to conquer the music scene with its newest single “What?”

Yesterday, February 25, the P-pop group made the announcement on its social media accounts. According to the post, “What?” will be released on March 9.

The group also posted a teaser on its YouTube channel.

SB19 consists of members Stell, Ken, Justin, Sejun, and Josh.


The all-Filipino boy band dropped their first full-length album “Get in the Zone” in July last year.

Upon releasing the teaser for the new single, fans expressed their excitement on social media. Take a look!

Imagine, besides the title “What“, this is the only thing we know about their cb. These scene of them walking in the field. The rest, we have no idea. Their other wardrobes? Never-seen-before hairstyles? The song’s meaning, beat? How this will all turn out?

Excited na ako sa What. Knowing Sejun has very good ears in melody and we all know how good is his writing skills. For sure it will be one of best in their history of catalogs for a very long time!

When you realize that “What is coming” is never a question to tease us but an announcement that their new track is coming… Well played, #SB19. Well played.
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