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Retold With Pride: Our Favorite Classic Stories Are Reimagined This Pride Month

Retold With Pride: Our Favorite Classic Stories Are Reimagined This Pride Month

VP Retold With Pride feature

RETOLD WITH PRIDE: Countless stories are passed down from generation to generation through speech and writing. They’re stories about growth, love, discovery, and character development. They’re also varied. From fantasy to mystery. From horror to drama. They’re everything you can possibly think of. However, for centuries, none of them have represented the LGBTQ+ Community. Not one has truly encapsulated how remarkable our Community and its members are. Until now.

There’s an idea — to retell classic stories from the colorful points of view of the LGBTQ+ Community. If you’re thinking fan fiction, then you’re absolutely right! It’s a rainbow-filled fanfic extravaganza this month of Pride with Retold With Pride. The campaign is spearheaded by Pride@Tech and home-grown creative digital agency, Propel Manila. They’ve also partnered with Globe and global powerhouses Google, Facebook, and IBM.

Retold With Pride


Reimagination of the Classics

Retold With Pride 1

Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, The Great Gatsby, Life of Pi, Little Women, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Memoirs of a Geisha. Even local classics like Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura.

Through the campaign, these timeless tales have received glamorous makeovers. With themes of love, sex, acceptance, dating, and coming out, these reimagined stories will surely tickle your imagination even more.

Retold With Pride

Raymund Sison, Propel Manila’s Partner & Chief Creative Officer, says:

“As storytellers and creators, we aim to give the right and enough representation for the LGBTQIA+ Community. Because representation matters. Representation creates perception. Perception shapes culture. And, ultimately, this shapes our reality. We know how powerful stories can be. Our mission at Propel Manila is to always look for ways to create ideas that matter. We are truly honored to tell these stories with such great icons.”

Propel Manila Chief Executive JC Valenzuela adds:

“The truth is most of us grew up having little to no references about how we identify ourselves. We want to change this. We want to make our stories known through proper representation. We’ve still got more stories coming, so we’re excited to roll them out! Not just during Pride Month, but even after Pride!”

Ending Pride Month With A Bang

Representation. It may only be a social construct for society’s majority. However, it’s definitely a huge leap for the LGBTQ+ Community. In recent years, our stories are finally given depth in mainstream media. We aren’t just slapstick ice breakers. Our roles aren’t just the funny best friend. The lives we lead aren’t statistics anymore. Most importantly, our existence isn’t taboo.

Our stories are finally getting heard.

For the first time, our fellow brothers and sisters in the Community can finally identify themselves in tales we’ve grown up with. Members of the Community, young and old, can know that stories of once upon a time and happily ever after aren’t just found in books.

Happy endings can happen to them too.

Only time will tell when we no longer have to retell established stories. One day, our own stories will take the lead. One day, we will be accepted. And we won’t even have to try. That day may come slowly. It may even take a while. After all, what’s important is we’ve started a spark. Society is already shifting. Let the flames we start burn on.

Retold With Pride June 26

Hear the full stories for Retold With Pride through a broadcasted a live reading on the 26th of  June, 7 PM via the Pride@Tech Facebook page. Advocates and personalities from the Community will give life to these stories retold with pride.

Retold With Pride writers:
Yenee Galicia
Eunice Maximo
Austin Tan
Hayami Kudo

Retold With Pride illustrators:
Hayami Kudo
Nichole Sanchez
Brent Guzman
Ella Mercado
Arnel Villanueva
Gab Pescadero
Marsh Mitra
Roxette Gagal
Yuko Maki
Third Lorenzo


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The featured image is courtesy of Pride@Tech and Propel Manila.

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