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Relaxing ASMR Sounds You Can Fall Asleep To

Relaxing ASMR Sounds You Can Fall Asleep To

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is a bodily sensation that fills the body with a calm and light tingle. It can also happen in the real world in response to sounds and sensations that are directly experienced. One example is when one lightly strokes the scalp of another person.

Although ASMR is popularized online as a collection of sounds, it can also be felt from visual triggers. After all, ASMR is a sensation. People may have these feelings after seeing particular videos or listening to certain sounds.

As unusual as it sounds, falling asleep to silence isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Other people, such as myself, feel more comfortable hearing light noises to manifest a good night’s sleep. Listening to ASMR sounds is one of the best ways to do this.

Here are my top three relaxing ASMR sounds to fall asleep to

1 | Nature sounds

The noise of the world sometimes feels overwhelming, and I don’t just mean auditory but also visual. The sight of tall buildings, too much smoke, and gadgets—the modern era can honestly get exhausting. Listening to nature’s ASMR sounds dominated by tweeting birds and gushes of wind help with the mind’s sedation. It feels as if it frees my body from impurities and brings me back to where I originally belonged.

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2 | Relaxing rain sounds

I believe it has something to do with rainy seasons being known as cuddle weather. The slow pouring of rain, sometimes the sharp sounds it makes when it hits roofs, induces a calming feeling. Of course, it all depends on your preference, some people don’t like the sound of rain as they find it noisy. But rain sounds are one of the most popular ASMR sounds people listen to on the internet.

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3 | Instrumental piano ASMR

If you want something more subtle and feel farther from the world, maybe you can try listening to the instrumental piano. There is a wide selection you can choose from such as classical music, original pieces, and even covers of pop songs! Listening to this type of ASMR allows you to create your own world and get lost as you sleep.

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I’ve always relied on these ASMR sounds whenever I’m having trouble sleeping, and they almost never failed me. If you have insomniac tendencies or just want to have a night of better sleep, maybe you can try one of these recommendations. Even better, explore on your own and find which works for you!

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