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The Reason Why It’s Hard to Sleep At 3 A.M.

The Reason Why It’s Hard to Sleep At 3 A.M.

After a tiring day, while everyone in your home has gone to sleep, you are probably stuck in bed trying to find a good position for your slumber. Sometimes, even sleeping can be difficult to do so. Maybe you overslept in the afternoon or maybe you have a lot of things on your mind. These are the times when you would just stare at the ceiling until your alarm rings, unable to fall asleep.

Ever wonder why you find it troublesome to sleep? Here are some of the reasons why we find it difficult to sleep at 3 AM

So, what happens at 3 AM?

Due to the endless debate that is going on in my mind, I did not even realize that the time is moving and it is suddenly 3 A.M. It is just difficult to sleep when there are a lot of troubles inside your mind. It could be the random 3 AM questions that bother you all night. Maybe, you are suddenly thinking about the death of your pet, a heartbreak, or it could be your best friend’s quarrel. Sometimes, you also feel agitated with the pressure in your workplace. You kept thinking about all the random unnecessary things that you find it difficult to sleep.

Yet there are also times when you just feel awake in the middle of the night. It’s just your body is used to the 3 AM routine that is going on for more than years now. I knew a few people who do their makeup randomly at 2 AM. Others are even practicing a new TikTok challenge enjoying the rest of the night.

Overthinking, stress, and anxiety affect sleep.

Not having a single nap, waking up at 3 AM, and not feeling sleepy at all can be extremely aggravating. And, it can also be annoying. All we want is a good rest but we just can’t seem to fall asleep.

As a person who suffers from insomnia, having a complete 5-8 hours of sleep is my kind of luxury. I remember when my high school teacher told me that sleeping late at your bedtime is probably the main reason why we have insomnia.

He said that we should not pass over our bedtime to have complete and proper sleep. And, I guess it is true, I couldn’t disagree more when I realize that sleeping past my bedtime would lead me to be awake for straight 5 hours.

No matter how you close your eyes if you haven’t closed your mind. Your body won’t be able to rest properly.

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Overthinking, stress, and anxiety greatly contribute to sleep disturbances. Studies even showed that people who experience trouble sleeping are most likely to experience major depression.

Without proper sleep, our body will not function properly which might cause illnesses and diseases. Thus, we have to take care of ourselves and sleep more properly.

Get rid of these bad habits. You must learn how to fight the noises in your head, and manage your thoughts. Meditate more and lean toward healthier options. Practice how we can calm our minds.

After all, all we want is silence and a good rest amidst the long and loud tiring day.

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