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Phone’s Holy Trinity: A guide to buying the perfect device for you!

Phone’s Holy Trinity: A guide to buying the perfect device for you!

With the neverending releases of new smartphones here and there, it could be quite overwhelming. I know! And sometimes, we never thought that buying a new phone could be this hard. It is as if there are many options to consider. No, we have a lot of options and choices to choose from, really!

But worry no more, for I would be of great help! Who would buy a phone that does not meet our standards tho? So without further ado, here are some things you might want to consider before choosing a new phone that would fit your needs!


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This is what basically powers your smartphone. And this is one of the things you should prioritize upon buying a new phone. Why? Because a good processor can last your phone in the long run! In terms of longevity, it is the one in charge of your phone’s peak performance all throughout.

It does not necessarily mean that we should get the best one, though. For it may be a bit pricey, and way out of our budget. There are processors in the smartphone market that are going to last in the long run, despite them not being the best among the rest. You just need to consider it! You can watch tech reviews on YouTube or read articles about the specs. Do whatever you can to know what processor is for you.

But if you ever have the budget to buy the phone that has the best processor, then do it.


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Whether you are a heavy-user type of person, or just casually use your smartphone every hour, you should still consider the phone’s battery capacity. Do not be deceived, though! A phone with a higher battery capacity does not necessarily mean that it would last longer than those that have less. It just does not work that way, to be frank. The smartphone’s capability to last longer does not solely rely on its battery capacity. The processor also plays a part in preserving the energy your device has.

So a smartphone that has like 5000 mAh battery and partnered with the best processor would still defeat the phone that has an 8000 mAh but partnered with a cheap processor. That is how it works. So if you want your phone to last you a day or two, choose the phone with a high battery capacity and a good-performing processor. Surely, you would not be disappointed.


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There are two kinds of memory in a smartphone – Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). RAM is usually partnered along with the phone’s processor. This combination determines the phone’s full power in terms of speed and ease of operation. The higher the RAM and the greater the Chipset that it runs, the faster the smartphone would be. This also helps in keeping your background apps open, your phone to perform at ease even under heavy tasks.

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Moving on, the ROM is what we usually refer to as the phone’s storage. It is where everything on our phone is stored – our music, and our apps, among others. It also houses the smartphone’s Operating System (OS).

In a simpler sense, the higher the RAM and ROM of a phone, the better.

These three are for me the smartphone’s holy trinity. These all should be considered in choosing what phone you would buy in the future. The camera features and the display of the phone are just a bonus!

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