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Lessening your screen time is a good way to start the new year

Lessening your screen time is a good way to start the new year

From the moment we wake up until the last few seconds before we sleep, our generation couldn’t help but have our eyes and hands glued to our phones. If you can relate, here are your signs to lessen your screen time. With the change of the calendar, why not make it one of your new year’s resolutions?

Lessening your screen time is a good way to start the new year

In a February 2022 research answering “How long does the average person spend on social media?” Sortlist revealed that the Philippines clocked the longest screen time in the world. In a day, an average Filipino spends 10 hours and 56 minutes online. More than just statistics and data, this is an obsession that robs us of many opportunities.  

We develop smartphone addiction because of several reasons. The internet caters to everyone, which means that there is a place for you whether you prefer talking to people online or watching funny videos by yourself.

Temporarily relief aside, too much screen time is bad for our physical and mental health. By now, we should already know this – so, the question is, what are ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone?

Avoid using your phone first thing in the morning.

You wake up at 6 AM. With your eyes half open, the first thing you do is grab your phone and check your social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok— you name it. You just want to update yourself, you said, but the next thing you know, an hour has already passed and you’re late for work.

A study about smartphone addiction linked attachment issues and fear of missing out as effects of smartphones on anxiety. With features like Stories on Instagram, MyDay on Facebook, and Snaps on Snapchat, we learned to update ourselves about the life of others. In a way, we feel as if we engage in their activities, and we grew anxious whenever we don’t.

You can always check them at a later time. Mornings spent with a cup of your chosen drink, a healthy breakfast, and your desired hobby would leave you revitalized for the day. You’d be surprised at how productive you are without your phone.

Develop new hobbies.

Have you ever felt as if time feels fast even though you are only scrolling through your feed? This is because social networking apps are designed to be addictive. The algorithm is tailored to your wants and content appears never-ending.

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To combat the need to watch the 20th cute cat reel, you can opt to develop a new hobby that doesn’t involve your phone. Think about what you’ve always wanted to try. Art, literature, music, sports – under these categories, you can pick lots of activities. Not only will you reduce your screen time, but you will also end up taking care of yourself.

Utilize the do not disturb mode and turn off your notifications.

There are moments when we’d end up staring at our phone while waiting for a message. And when this message arrives, we’d reply in a heartbeat. Unless your job entails you to reply quickly like a secretary or a receptionist, let them wait. It takes a lot of discipline, but limit using your phone only during your free time.

Constantly checking notifications, especially when in the middle of studying or working, keeps you distracted. Phones and apps have a built-in do not disturb mode for a reason. Utilize it. Turn off your notifications on your social media and messaging apps. Again, let them wait.

For very important people, however, there is an option to keep notifications on for them – if ever you’re worried about missing messages from your significant other or your boss.

As they say, old habits die hard. Take it step-by-step and if you need an excuse to break from bad habits, the new year has just arrived. We all know that far as new year’s resolutions are concerned, we end up forgetting about them after the first few months. But, if we manage to be consistent, it turns out very fulfilling. Lessening your screen time is a good way to start 2023. It allows you to discover a life beyond your phone.

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