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OPINION: Top 5 Movies That Will Make You Embrace Your Singlehood

OPINION: Top 5 Movies That Will Make You Embrace Your Singlehood

Are you single? Or are you dreaming about date ideas that you wish you could go on with a special someone? No matter what category you’re currently into, it’s time to embrace your singlehood. Banish your thoughts about cuffing season, dating apps, and marriage away from you brain. Let’s bypass the love stories and head straight for the movies about amazing single women.


Five Movies That Will Make You Embrace Your Singlehood

If you’re single, settle down, grab the popcorn, and watch this movies to embrace your current status. Bake some cookies and get that bottle of rosé from the fridge. Invite the girls over and feel fabulous about singlehood. Who needs a bae when you’ve got yourself?



This 1995 film remains a cult classic. The movie had an endless inspiration for memes and a place to learn a lot of life lessons. Clueless follows a single teenager, Cher Horowitz. Instead of being so invested on her own singlehood, she employs herself as an unofficial matchmaker. She never focused on her own relationship but the friendship she had to the people around her, Tai and Dionne.

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The 2016 romantic comedy follows Alice breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Josh to explore more things without him before they settle down. How To Be Single sees her moving to New York City for a new job where she met Robin. Aside from being a co-worker, she became her unofficial mentor on embracing her own singlehood Well, epic friendship moments and hilarity ensues.

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The 2010 film follows Liz who already had everything. She has a husband, a fabulous house, and a stellar career. Eat Pray Love follows her having a divorce, questioning her whole life. Then, she embarks on a journey to self-discovery to three countries: Italy, Bali, and India. Relatable and enjoyable, it will make you question your entire life and embrace your singlehood.

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The 2001 film follows Elle Woods who had her heart broken when Warner broke up with her. Legally Blonde sees him basically saying she doesn’t have the intelligence to marry him. Determined to win Warner back, she decided to go to Harvard Law School. Her reason for going to law school might not be the best but it soon became less about Warner and more about Elle discovering something for himself.

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The 2014 drama follows Cheryl Strayed. The popular memoir titled Wild sees her wanting get her life back together after her whole life crumbles apart. The heartbreaking imagery of her stages of grief perfectly captures one’s heart and will definitely make you sympathize or empathize with the character. Her unfortunate breakdown will let you spiral and will definitely make you bawl your eyes out. Snot and all that other stuff.

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Which of these movies would make you embrace singlehood? Let us know in the comments section below!

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