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Top 5 fitness-inspired films to see this community quarantine

Top 5 fitness-inspired films to see this community quarantine

We’re halfway through the enhanced community quarantine. Alas, we’re running out of things to do. After binging on Netflix, many of us must have complained that our lives have become too sedentary. Since we’re confined at home, were just lying mostly in our beds or sitting on our couch more than usual. But now is the best time to flex our muscles. Not only that it can keep your physique, but it will improve your mood to boot since anxiety runs high these days.

It’s a must that we should be active because it’s also one way to boost our immune system, we can’t emphasize more how we badly need it in our bout against this outbreak. But how can we force ourselves to work out at home? Motivation is the key, of course, and to help us out, here are some of the best movies that can fire you up. These movies are not only heartstrings-tugging but it’s also very inspirational and can change your lives forever.

Here’s our top 5 list and please let us know if this inspires you the way that it touches our souls.


United Artists

This movie shows how determined Rocky Balboa is and how training really hard can work wonders. This is a classic story that you can get beaten up badly, but you can fight tooth and nail, never giving up can eventually overcome adversity. We highly recommend that you include “Eye of the tiger” in your playlist, as it can pump you up and can give you a sudden burst of energy while working out.

Never Back Down

Be The Movie, See The Movie

This movie is an eye candy with a hot young actor as the lead, it can make you glued to the film the entire time. It’s packed with clips on how the actor trained hard to learn discipline and fighting skills. If you’re anxious and having anger issues due to the coronavirus scare, we highly recommend that you watch this film.


Parents Review

This movie shows that with hard work and by being tenacious, there’s no uphill battle that you can’t overcome. Isn’t that the encouragement that we all need in this trying time?

Remember the Titans

Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images

This great film talks about how we should change our daily routine during this quarantine period. Coach Boone (Denzel Washington) changed the way the team practices as well as how they treat their teammates. Have a box of tissue available as you will surely turn on the waterworks.


Slash Film

By just watching the lead actor do his training in this film can motivate all of us to work our asses off. His training regimen is awe-inspiring that can surely boost our adrenaline to kick start our workout regimen at home. Be ready with your gym mats, break the boredom and burn off all the calories we’ve gained during this quarantine period.

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