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OPINION: Are beauty pageants still relevant?

OPINION: Are beauty pageants still relevant?

Pageant season is on! Some well-known international beauty pageants have already started their respective pre-pageant competition and some will be starting later this year.

Beauty pageants are a tradition that started a century ago where different women have to compete in different pageant segments such as the swimsuit round, evening gown competition, and the question and answer portion.

Today, they still exist and social media has increased the popularity of pageants worldwide; new pageants were founded locally and internationally.

But given our ever-changing society and the pressing issues facing the world today, some of you might be asking:

“Are beauty pageants still relevant?”

There are numerous arguments for and against beauty pageants. Some are believing in the importance of beauty pageants and that they celebrate the essence of being a woman. Others claim that beauty pageants are degrading, and sexist and that they objectify women.

That’s why I would like to emphasize: relevant to whom or what?

For me? Yes, they are still relevant.

I see beauty pageants as relevant to women and to the community.

To women

Beauty pageants are competitions, just like any other competition, women can learn important life skills while also having fun.

Women can learn more about themselves in beauty pageants. It teaches them the essence of womanhood, friendship, dedication, professionality, sportsmanship, and many more.

They are also a role-model not only to young girls who aspire to be like them but to a lot of people who see them as an inspiration.

For me, they are not an inspiration of figure, prettiness, and elegance but a beacon of hope and that there are no limits to reaching your dreams.

Win or lose, we can see the candidates grow after the competition. They’re more confident, poised, and skilled.

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Not to mention the fans who enjoy witnessing their favorite girl’s pageant journey from preparations until the competition proper.

To the community

Truth be told, beauty pageants are really made for entertainment. The swimsuit competition was meant to showcase the candidate’s physical attributes; beautiful, leggy, and curvy women were highly favored. While the evening gown competition was meant for girls to dress up and looked like superstars.

But for me, beauty pageants have drastically changed in recent years. They are adapting to the ever-changing society; swimsuit segments now promote diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. While the evening gown now showcases the talents of different designers.

Moreover, advocacies are what give beauty pageants more relevance in today’s society. Beauty queens are now beginning to participate in charitable causes out of their own will and compassion. Some ladies even compete in beauty pageants to have a bigger platform for their advocacies.

We can see a variety of advocacies that beauty queens are promoting such as women empowerment, HIV awareness, mental health awareness, charity initiatives, and environmental causes. 

If you are against the presence of beauty pageants in today’s society, there is nothing wrong with that because beauty pageants are still flawed. But just think of the young girls who are being inspired by the platforms; the women whose dreams are coming true; the women who are getting more of themselves; and the communities reached by the pageant’s advocacies.
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