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In my opinion, what is it like to be a metalhead?

In my opinion, what is it like to be a metalhead?

Ever since the heavy metal genre emerged, it has gained notoriety for its boisterous, aggressive sound, and ferocious live performances. The term metalhead is frequently used to describe fans of metal music. By becoming a metalhead, you can learn to appreciate the intensity and technical sophistication of the style. Additionally, I got involved and learned to support the culture that has developed around the genre. So, to give you a glimpse of the comical community, let me tell you what being a metalhead is like. 

In my opinion, what is it like to be a metalhead?

The stereotypical worshipper

You got the idea, right? Not all metalheads worship evil things, and not all metalheads are rough, obnoxious individuals. I frequently encounter non-metalheads making comments like that, without having an idea how kind metalheads are. The next one might answer your question.

Clueless about its sub-genres!

I encountered a lot of people thinking that Metallica and Suicide Silence types of metal claim to be the same. Believe me when I say that those two are nothing alike. Let me give you a sample list of the subgenres: Heavy metal, Power metal, Black metal (consider this as the satanic one), and Death metal.

Metal elitists

Yup, elitists also exist in the metal community and it sucks! They consider their metal music to be superior to that of others. Some metal elitists become so agitated that they listen to only one kind of metal subgenre. These people will call you a poser if you happen to wear a metal band shirt you don’t listen to.

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Variety of music genres to listen to 

Metalheads enjoy listening to metal music. Subgenres don’t matter at all. To be honest, they have a vast discography since they can listen to extreme music and endure it. At the same time, if they want to change their mood, they can either listen to jazz, hip-hop, R&B, or pop.

Hard to find other metalheads

The majority of people listen to mainstream music, especially pop, country, or rap music. To think that meeting a metalhead in this country equates to hunting a rare Pokémon sounds hilarious. However, once I meet some metalheads, whether online or offline, I get giddy and jump right into the conversation.

What do you think about the ups and downs of being a metalhead? Does it ring a bell? Either way, you can always be part of the metal community as long as you enjoy listening to it. 

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