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INSTAGRAM RAID: Oanh the Pinterest Queen ft. the colors of the rainbow

INSTAGRAM RAID: Oanh the Pinterest Queen ft. the colors of the rainbow

If you go on a Pinterest dive, I am sure you’d see a photo of hers in an aesthetic tab. Known for her viral photos, Oanh also has an amazing personality and beautiful looks. Based in Vietnam, she has eye-catching Instagram pictures and videos that gained her a huge following. She has yet to reveal the secret behind her enviable slender figure and long silky hair that a lot of her followers ask about.

With the number of her photos on said website, she surely deserves to be called the “Pinterest Queen.” Aside from that, she seems to be the queen of monochromatic outfits as well. Her outfits would interchange from the baddie, fairycore, glam girl, and Y2K.  So, like the anthropologist that I am, I’ve assembled a collection of her Instagram photos that perfectly encapsulates her mastery in monochromatic outfits.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Oanh the Pinterest Queen ft. the colors of the rainbow

When it comes to monochromatic outfits, you don’t necessarily have to pair pieces that have the exact same shade. Using lighter and darker shades of a single color would be best used to create a monochromatic outfit. Caution against selecting colors that clash against your skin tone or hair color as it would amplify the bad choice. It could either wash out your face if you’re pale or make you look very pasty if you’re tan.

Even when that caution exists, Oanh seems to look amazing in every color anyway. Also, don’t forget to mix textures in a monochromatic outfit. That way, it adds visual interest, depth, and dimension to your look. Although it can be pretty tricky to get right, monochromatic outfits take less energy to put together. It looks simple and clean. When you put the right pieces together, it can look as show-stopping as a patterned dress or a statement jacket.

All photos came from Oanh


Oanh the Pinterest Queen



Oanh the Pinterest Queen



Oanh the Pinterest Queen



Oanh the Pinterest Queen


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Oanh the Pinterest Queen





Which Oanh the Pinterest Queen outfit is your favorite?

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