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IN PHOTOS: Meet P-Pop Idol Jayson Lee

IN PHOTOS: Meet P-Pop Idol Jayson Lee

Remember the guy who was once featured in an episode of ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ because he was in search of his half-Korean brothers? Well, you might not recognize him that much now as he has grown and blossomed to a rising P-Pop Idol! Jayson Lee and his mom Felicidad Reyes were then looking forward to reuniting with his two lost brothers, Lee Seung Hee and Lee Jin Hee. Thanks to this exposure and the help of the public online, they’ve met again after many years of separation.

The Journey of Jason Lee

It was in 2017 that we saw this Fil-Korean guy on TV. He was but a young boy then living in Dingalan, Aurora with his mother. Three years later, he had his glow-up moment as he became part of the new boy group 1st One.

In an interview with GMA, he shared that he went through tedious preparations before the launch of their group, “Mahirap po ‘yung training pero dahil po du’n na-inspire din po talaga ako na mas tahakin pa itong journey na ito. Kasi, sabi nga po nila, walang madaling daan sa successful na buhay.”

He plays as the “maknae” and sub rapper of the Pinoy pop group. They are now making names for themselves as their fanbase grows in numbers by the day!

The six artists are gaining rave on social media with their charming performances as first seen also on KMJS and GMA’s morning show ‘Unang Hirit.’

Jayson now has more than 24,000 followers on his Instagram page and is attracting supporters around the country. On the same platform, he thanked their fans for the overwhelming support and attention they’ve been getting as early as now, “thank you for all the love and strength you’ve been giving us. we have a lot of surprises prepared for you, please look forward to it as we get closer to our debut. p-pop fighting! ”

You may learn about his life story in the exclusive feature of KMJS here. Best of luck, Jayson!

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