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Conquering fears as a Solo Mom

Conquering fears as a Solo Mom

At 17, most girls are probably just planning for parties, clothes to buy or even their crush at school. To some, it’s the perfect age to enjoy your teenage life. But this wasn’t the life for Iris Del Rosario — a resident of Nabua, Camarines Sur and a proud single mom to her son.

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At an early age of 17, Iris bears the biggest responsibility every woman can — to be a mother. She was on her high school during that time when she got pregnant. However, bearing a child wasn’t on her plans at that time — not at all. 

Iris’ plans was to just enjoy and live her life to fullest. Well, who wouldn’t want to enjoy her teenage years, right? But things turned out unplanned to Iris.

There are times [that] I got jealous whenever I see my batchmates having a good time hanging out while [here] I am at home, taking care of my baby.

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At first, the feeling of dissappointment was so clear to her. The fear of raising her child alone without a father’s presence was always at her mind. She was so scared of not being able to provide what her son need as he grows. Above all, Iris always fears of not being the best mom she could be for her son.

I was disappointed at myself for getting pregnant at that age, but soon enough as time flies by I realize the joy that it brought to me. It also helped me became responsible to things I always lack of.

This circumstance made Iris a full-grown and matured mom. Having her son, taught her to sacrifice things and provide the love his little man deserves. Today, aside from being a great mom to his little boy, Iris also work in a BPO company.

As a fearless mom…

Raising a child most especially — alone is really a great struggle for every single mom. However, despite this circumstance, Iris believed that every hardwork she did for her son is always worth it. 

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I am motivated to work hard to give my son a better future with less financial struggle while providing [him] the time and love he also need.

She also reminded her fellow single moms to never entertain negative thoughts. Most especially those who belittle them just because they don’t have their partners with them.

We, as women are built to adapt to certain circumstances which is why we can be strong independent women. Be proud of who you are because your child is proud of you no matter what other people say or think.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Parenting is never a joke. It entails such big responsibility that can change you and your perspective to life. This is not just for single moms, but even to single dads out there who are doing their best for their children. You are one of a kind!

To every single moms out there, I know there are days which sometimes is a struggle to you. Yet, this is a reminder that everyone around you is so proud of how great mom you are! Happy International Women’s month! xx #AbanteBabae

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