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Dreamy Photos We Love Through the Lens of Shaira Luna

Dreamy Photos We Love Through the Lens of Shaira Luna

Gifted and genius as a child, now a woman of art. Shaira Luna was known as “the promil kid” as a child in the 90s after appearing in a Wyeth infant formula advertisement.

Now, famous as a woman for her work in fashion and photography.

In photo: Shaira Luna

If I had to sum up her works in one word, it would be “dreamy.”

Now let’s obsess over this selection of Shaira Luna’s dreamy photos that you didn’t know you needed.

Ballerina Dreams

Pirouettes, silk, and frilly tutus easily come to mind when we think of ballet.

But not until I came across this dreamlike ballet moment photographed by Shaira.

Whilst the other is more sweet, minimalist, and subtle, this right here is the ballet for the seasoned.

A senior swan, gracefully aging with passion.

Through the Lens of Time

She really said “time travel!”

It’s as if we’ve been transported back in time decades and decades ago just by looking at these photos!

A bird’s eye view in a dream

If only birds could dream about fashion, this is what it’d look like.

This flat lay is everything! It’s awesome how this woman can make even a flat lay look so dreamy.

A photograph so lyrical

Has anyone else mistook this for a painting, or is it just me?

This makes me want to sing all of my favorite love songs and write about all of the beautiful things in this world.

Everything about this photo is divine.

No excuses

We love a good black and white photo, but let me tell you something special: this one was taken from miles away!

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On a lockdown, but no excuses for not doing the thing she loves.

Shaira didn’t let the pandemic get in her way and her love for photography. Through Zoom calls, she continued to create art in photos.

And the end result is nothing short of spectacular! What can I say, a true master of photography.

Not Harry Styles

In photo: Juan Karlos Labajo

Apologies for the heading, but gotta make it clear.

No, this isn’t him, but thanks to the power of good photography by Shaira Luna, we definitely got a Harry Styles vibe going on here.

We just want to be photographed by the photography genius herself at this point.

But for now, tell us which of your favorite dreamy Shaira Luna photographs you think should have been included on this list!

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