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Crocs bounces back as comfortable fashion becomes the new normal

Crocs bounces back as comfortable fashion becomes the new normal

Crocs: the footwear trend of the pandemic. With Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, and Post Malone collaborating with the brand, the frequently mocked label suddenly became cool. The shoes first appeared in 2002, created with lightweight and odor-resistant rubber. Marketed at sailors and water sport enthusiasts, the brand becomes a firm favorite among those that involved long periods of standing, such as hospital and restaurant workers looking for comfort and support.

Crocs bouncing back as comfortable fashion becomes the new normal

The brand has a mighty turnaround for its pure functionality and utilitarian design. After veering close to bankruptcy in 2009, the brand also made a striking and original comeback strategy. Of course, Crocs launched high-fashion collaborations with Balenciaga and Christopher Kane. Acknowledging how many consumers start to grow enticed with the Marmite quality of the shoes, the president of Crocs Michelle Poole said:

“When the pandemic hit, we saw healthcare workers and hospitals reach out to request our shoes as they sought comfort, ease on their feet as well of peace of mind.”

The everyday style

The pandemic has turned everyday style around. As the whole world remained hunkered inside their own homes. Then, only a little amount of people were allowed to go outside to shop for necessities like food, water, and other essentials. Practicality exceeded over being pretty and fashionable giving Crocs a renaissance that they deserve.

Global fashion search platform Lyst recorded the rising sales of the brand. The shopping platform goes as far as calling Crocs “the ‘It’ shoe of spring” as demand started strong into autumn. The most popular styles, according to Lyst, would be the classic, floral, leopard print, and of course, Generation Z’s fave – iterations of loud tie-dye.

Sharing free pair for healthcare

Crocs have always encouraged everyone to feel comfortable in their own shoes. In the face of adversity and the coronavirus pandemic, many individuals needed that feeling more than ever. To do the part to help, they began their Sharing a Free Pair for Healthcare program. Since March 25, they have donated over 860, 000 pairs of shoes globally to healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19.

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