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Bubba Lab: A Writer’s Refuge in Marikina

Bubba Lab: A Writer’s Refuge in Marikina

In need of a place to write and be productive? Marikina City’s science lab-themed milk tea cafe, Bubba Lab, will be your new place of refuge!

Photo | Bubba Lab

Bubba Lab: A Writer’s Refuge in Marikina

Nostalgia hits as I place myself on my usual chair at Bubba Lab, Marikina Heights. Its familiarity has been a comfort to me since its opening in 2012. Since then, the place has been my hangout – my place of solace after a long day of classes. It has been a witness to all my ups and downs, from dealing with my hatred of Algebra to finally passing my dream course. Never did I imagine sitting here again after 10 years and looking back at how far I have become.

I tend to visit Bubba Lab a lot growing up because I find that doing my work outside forces me to immerse myself in writing. Furthermore, as a writer, focusing is my weakest link, and I live with a lot of distractions. But in Bubba Lab, you are compelled to not waste your coffee or milk tea. Might as well be productive with it, right? Mindset ba… mindset.

Scientifically delicious

Photo | Bubba Lab

Bubba Lab’s name came from the slang word “bubbles,” referring to the foam created by their brewed drinks. It is then combined with the word “lab” to include a science-theme into it. I find it genius, actually. Even their menu is formatted as a periodic table of elements with matching lab tools as decorations. It is as if their own kitchen is a laboratory, itself, as they concoct their beverages and appetizers.

After years of trying out their drinks, my favorite has always been their BubbaTella Milktea with Egg Pudding instead of Pearls. Among the several Nutella Milktea I have tasted, Bubba Lab’s is by far the best one yet. Aside from this, I also recommend trying out their FuzzyMelon Milktea and Iced Mocha.

Moreover, if you are planning to stay for too long or would like to hang out with your friends, you would not definitely worry about getting hungry. Bubba Lab also offers a variety of snacks and appetizers from Nachos and Quesadillas to an assortment of Sausages. I used to also love their Red Velvet Grid Cake until they sadly phased that out of the menu years ago (beke nemen). But among their food, their Super Nova, Fish and Jojos, Muffins, and Brownies are surely a delicious must-try!

Marikina’s Productivity Haven

Photo | Bubba Lab

Leaving the house from time to time is always good for your mental health. Even if you are busy with online classes or working from home, make time to treat yourself while being productive. What better way to do that than with Bubba Lab’s cozy ambiance?

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During weekdays, the place is usually packed with students from nearby schools. Sometimes you would see them huddled into their group work, and others individually working on their laptops.

I usually get a lot more inspiration to write when I see other people working around me. It gives me that push to do the same as well. Hence, Bubba Lab is such a work-friendly cafe and milk tea place with its free WiFi and comfortable seating.

Photo | Bubba Lab

Aside from being a productivity haven, the lab is also musicians-friendly. For sure, music enthusiasts will enjoy their Busking & Brews Program, where they allow performers to earn and entertain during the weekends. This not only adds to the coziness of the place but also gives opportunities to indie bands and singers.

You would definitely not want to miss out on the Bubba Lab experience. If you are around Marikina and Antipolo, make sure to visit their branches at Marikina Heights, Graceland Plaza, Lamp Quarters, and C&B Circle Mall Antipolo. If you liked this article, read more from the author here.

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