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BTS Persona Café for the South ARMYs!

BTS Persona Café for the South ARMYs!

Hey, South ARMYs!

There are many K-pop-themed cafés that we want to go to. But why are most of them within the Metro? What about us from the South?

Well ARMYs, this is good news for you because BTS Persona Café is just around the corner!

Persona Café

According to the owner, it inspired them to do this since they saw BTS pop-up stores in Japan and BTS-themed cafés in other countries, but not here. So they decided, why not bring it here?

Persona Café shows how ARMY can enjoy every corner of the shop with what it offers. From the shop’s designs to BTS music video previews and different photo areas, you probably won’t want to keep your cameras in your pockets. You can even enjoy the members’ life-sized standees!

Solo trip? Let Taehyung keep you company while you eat their K-food offers! Just don’t melt in his stares, though.

The thing about this café is that they consequently change the designs too. So, you can catch it having different interiors every time you return. They said that they curate the designs based on the taste of the ARMYs.


Other than satisfying your ARMY heart and eyes, you can also satisfy your stomach with the different Korean food that they offer.

Of course, the name of the food should incorporate the theme. Jungcookies and Hobi sprite are just some of those they serve inspired by the two members, Jungkook and Hobi (JHope).

Facebook | Persona – cafe

Still undecided on what to order? You could try their most popular drink, “Hobi Sprite,” and match it with their bibimbap which was said to be the all-time favorite food of BTS.

Other events

Cup sleeves events and fan gatherings also happen here. So, if there are significant events that the fans want to celebrate, such as song releases or members’ birthdays, you can attend their organized gatherings here. You can have fun and dine with your co – ARMYs here.

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ARMYs tend to look forward to these events because of the special decorations and FREEBIES! These include unofficial photo cards, posters, member banners, and more. You can check out their social media pages on Facebook (@personacafeph) and Instagram ( about the upcoming event gatherings.

You may pass by the café along Pacita Avenue in San Pedro, Laguna, just by Andok’s and Baliwag. They operate from 1:00pm – 9:00pm from Sunday to Friday and 1:00pm-10:00pm every Saturday. There are no reservations needed so you can walk in any time. They have a minimum purchase of 200 pesos per head to make up for the unlimited pictures you can take with the amazing BTS decors.

What now? Bring your ARMY Bombs (The BTS light stick, okay?) and head to San Pedro, South ARMYs!

One more thing from the café owner, this one is for all the ARMYs out there.


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