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Eating Escapade: Must-Visit Pares Places In Tagaytay

Eating Escapade: Must-Visit Pares Places In Tagaytay

What is more perfect than eating pares in the cold rainy season?, achieve that pares experience in these best pares places in Tagaytay.

When you’re visiting Tagaytay, you should take the chance to try hot flavorful pares in cold weather with a stunning view. Trust me, it will complete your trip.

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For you to achieve that awesome pares experience, here are the must-visit Pares Places in Tagaytay you might need right now.

Must-Visit Pares Places In Tagaytay

Gallego Pares-Pares

If you are looking for affordable and worthy pares resto, Gallego Pares-Pares is for you to visit. The price in this pares resto is nothing beyond 100 pesos.

Gallego Pares-Pares is a street al fresco eatery place with a picturesque view of Taal Volcano. This is the perfect pares restaurant to try with your friends and family. You can definitely experience what Tagaytay feels. #Worthy-BudgetFriendlyParesPlace

Pares Retiro

Pares Retiro is a newly opened pares place near at SkyRanch Tagaytay. Their location is good and the vibe of the resto makes you want to eat. They really lived up to their slogan “The Best Pares in Town”

Their pares is indeed one of the best pares I taste. It is a bit more pricey than the other pares place however it is worth the try. They serve sizzling sisig, tofu, tapsilog and much good food for you to try. #TenOverTen

Don Ramon’s Original Beef Pares

A simple but the home of flavorful pares in Tagaytay, that is what Don Ramon’s Original Beef Pares is.

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The place is simple yet their pares were that original, it’s good. Staffs are friendly and the prices are very reasonable. You can achieve that best pares experience, a must-visit place in Tagaytay. #SarapNaBabalik-Balikan

It’s officially the rainy season! So what are you waiting for?, hit the road and experience the best pares with a gentle rainy breeze in Tagaytay

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