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Afforda-Scents: Best Local Perfume Scents Under ₱150

Afforda-Scents: Best Local Perfume Scents Under ₱150

After a long and grueling wait, face-to-face classes are finally coming back! Now that it’s back to school season, most of us are meeting up with new friends for the first time in person! And as the old saying goes, “first impressions last.” So now’s the time to make that positive, long-lasting first impression in class with the perfect scent of your choice.

To guarantee to make your first meeting with your friends unforgettable, pick the right perfume scent that radiates your true inner energy. However, if you’re worried about a tight budget, then do not fret! We got you covered!

Listed below are 4 budget-friendly scents under our ₱150 budget:

OXGN Sweet Talk Tease

This sweet yet sophisticated fragrance is perfect for students and working girls who want to exude effortlessly chic vibes. It is mild and sweet in scent and has a slight tinge of a fruity smell that does not overpower. And if you’re looking for a scent with small hints of vanilla fragrance, then this sweet irresistible scent is the right one for you.

OXGN Sweet Talk Tease photo | OXGN

OXGN Sweet Talk Tease is a long-lasting fragrance that is friendly to a student’s budget. Its 75 mL bottle costs only ₱129 and can even get lower during their store’s flash sales. You can buy this perfume in OXGN’s many physical stores nationwide as well as in their official stores in Shopee and Lazada.  

BENCH Maine Forever

BENCH Maine Forever perfume is one of the three scents under the brand’s Maine Mendoza line. It is a fruity-scented body spray with a citrusy smell that will help you feel clean and fresh throughout the day. This perfume’s scent is not overpowering yet remains long-lasting which is perfect for budgetarians who want to smell fresh all day long.

Bench Maine Forever photo | BENCH/ via Shopee

This second scent on our list is another inexpensive yet worthy buy as its 100 mL bottle costs only ₱128. You can buy your own bottles in BENCH’s physical stores located all over the country. Or better yet, you could also conveniently order online via Shopee or Lazada.

BENCH Bratsplash Kiwi Frost

This floral Kiwi scent belongs to BENCH’s Bratsplash body and hygiene collection. It exudes a sweet and decently long-lasting fruity Kiwi scent that will make you smell fresh throughout a busy day. And if you’re looking for a somewhat similar scent to the classic strawberry Bambini cologne from our childhood, then this one’s for you.

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Bench Bratsplash Kiwi Frost photo | ZALORA Philippines

BENCH’s Bratsplash Kiwi Frost cologne is yet another affordable fragrance that is easily accessible for both students and working budgetarians. Its 50mL bottle costs ₱80, while its 100mL bottle costs ₱125. You can also grab this scent in all of BENCH’s physical stores nationwide or their official stores in both Shopee and Lazada.

Penshoppe All Day Pulse Yellow Body Spray 

Looking for a scent that will get you noticed everywhere you go? Then, Penshoppe’s All Day Pulse Yellow Body Spray is the right scent for you to choose. It has a strong but sweet scent at first spritz that is followed by a somewhat masculine after scent. This body spray is a perfect scent for every girl’s everyday use.

Penshoppe All Day Pulse Yellow photo | Penshoppe via Shopee

For the last scent on the list, Penshoppe’s All Day Pulse is the cheapest of all four recommendations. Its 75 mL bottle is priced only at ₱89 which can be bought in all Penshoppe stores nationwide. You can also conveniently opt to order online by searching for Penshoppe’s official stores in Shopee and Lazada.

Are you searching for the right scent that is friendly to our tight budgets? Then, try checking out any of these afforda-scent recommendations today!

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