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6 Animated Films To Watch With Your Kids During Christmas

6 Animated Films To Watch With Your Kids During Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. And, everybody is waiting excitedly in anticipation! As the period is known to be a time of merriment and gift-giving, Christmas is usually closely associated with kids. Therefore, we adults find ways to make the celebration more special for the young ones. So to welcome the time of celebrating with friends and family, what better way to celebrate the holidays than to watch holiday animated films with your kids?

6 Animated Films To Watch With Your Kids During Christmas

Barbie in a Christmas Carol

In this 2008 Barbie animated film, Barbie stars as Eden Starling, a self-absorbed soprano singer extraordinaire who gravely despises Christmas. One night, after forcing her co-workers to work on the holidays, Eden gets visited by her Aunt Marie’s ghost. Intending to correct her niece whom she raised, Marie tries to reason with Eden to change her in time before it’s too late. However, when Marie fails to convince her, she sent in the three Christmas spirits to sway Eden one last time.

Rise of the Guardians

After centuries of not knowing his purpose, Jack Frost finds himself summoned by the guardians, known as the protectors of children. When the boogeyman threatens to spread fear globally with his ever-growing powers, the guardians must unite with Frost to beat the darkness with their enveloping light. However, how can an invisible rambunctious immortal lad like Frost help defeat an ancient evil like the boogeyman? Although the plot of the film takes place on Easter, this movie remains widely considered a Christmas film.

Barbie in the Nutcracker

This 2001 animated fantasy-adventure film is the first-ever motion picture Barbie film produced, which kick-started the entire Barbie movie franchise. The film follows Barbie as Clara, who inadvertently gets into a wild adventure after being shrunken small by the Mouse King. In effect, she and the Nutcracker must travel to Parthenia, his home, to search for the sugar-plum fairy. The fairy is their only hope of defeating the Mouse King and returning Clara to her original size.


A True selfless act always sparks another. Klaus is a 2019 Netflix animated film that delivers a brilliant take on the classic Christmas tale we all know and love. The film follows the story of a disgraced son stripped of his luxury to serve his post as a mailman on the remote island of Smeerensberg. There, he struggles to cope as the island is known to be a hostile place due to the endless bickering of two feuding clans. However, when he stumbles upon an old woodsman, they inadvertently kindled the Christmas spirit we know today.

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The Grinch

This 2018 Christmas comedy film is an updated take on the well-loved Dr. Suess children’s classic story. Set in the Christmas season, the Christmas-loving town of Whoville decides to celebrate the holidays with grander festivities. The Grinch, who strived to keep himself far away from the town, as he utterly despises Christmas, learns about the celebration. Hence, he begins to plot ways to ruin everybody’s Christmas in Whoville. With his bitter past and cold disposition towards the holiday season, will the Grinch succeed in his plans?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Although there are many debates about whether it is a Christmas or Halloween film, we decided to include this nonetheless. So to save one of the best for last, we are suggesting this stop-motion musical dark fantasy movie from 1993. It follows the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween, who has been longing for something he felt is missing in their town. One day, as he stumbles upon Christmas town, he grows obsessed with the idea of bringing Christmas to their home. This obsession ultimately leads him to plot to abduct Santa Claus. However, will his plans bear good results?

Looking for animated films to binge-watch with your kids? Hop on the Christmas animated film train and watch these animated films right away! This is to ensure that you may have a happy holiday!

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