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5 Things I Dislike About The Rainy Season

5 Things I Dislike About The Rainy Season

According to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), we are now entering the rainy season. Last May 18, the state weather bureau officially announced the commencement of the rainy season. As we progressed to the second quarter of 2022, rains occur more often than not. The official rainy season usually begins in June and ends in December.

Since rains frequently occur in different places now, here are five things I dislike during this season, associated with photos I took:

Unable to wear shoes outside

Whether it is black shoes, rubber, and/or running shoes, I obviously can not wear them at all. Needless to mention that in Metro Manila, floods are one of the consequences the rain brings. Thus, every time I want to go outside, I just wear my crocs or sandals instead.

Roads are slippery and wet

Every time I walk on the roads on every street in Manila City during rainy days, I often do it with precaution. Because of the fear of getting slipped on slippery pavements and the embarrassment that comes with it, I often walk slowly. So, just a friendly reminder to those who want to go out during rainy days. Do not rush yourself. Or better yet do not run on wet roads, since it may lead to an unfortunate accident.

Unpredictable weather conditions

I hate the feeling of getting your plans canceled due to the unpredictable weather conditions. That is one of the things I hate the most. Imagine, I am all prepared and ready to go out and about. But suddenly, the rain falls down unexpectedly. And then out of nowhere, I lost my will to go out. Every time that happens, I ought to just postpone my plans, not unless it is an important errand I must run. And sometimes, instead of just feeling bad about it, I just take this opportunity to have some rest and sleep.

It prolongs or delays any outdoor activities

The rainy season without a doubt prolongs, or worse delays any outdoor activities. And that being said, it causes inconvenience, at least to some people. As said before, most people would just stay indoors rather than venturing into the world as it rains. Imagine, what a great inconvenience it must have been? Needless to mention the struggles in commuting during the wet season. The struggles seem to double. The more it rains, the more people seek shelter. Until everyone is congested only to be safe from the heavy pouring rain.

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Traffic Congestion

Have you ever experienced being caught and stranded in traffic due to heavy rain? Because if not so, do not ever wish to experience it at all. To tell you what, it is not a happy experience to be stuck in traffic. Unless you are sitting beside your crush in the middle of the road congestion under the heavy rain. But that fairy-tale story only happens once in a blue moon. Being stranded in traffic is the worst! It is like wasting your time, having no choice but to just sit there and wait for the traffic to move.

The rainy season is inevitable, that is true. It is a part of the seasonal scheme here in our country. And there is nothing we can do to stop it or prevent it from happening. But despite that, during the wet season, you should consider these aforementioned things to make yourself at ease. Remember, during these rainy days, always have your umbrella with you!

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