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4 Relatable Signs That You’re Reaching Adulthood

4 Relatable Signs That You’re Reaching Adulthood

Debuting as an 18-year-old woman or a 21-year-old-man is the most overrated basis of one reaching adulthood. In fact, I can’t be the only who one thinks it’s kind of irrational. According to Professor Peter Jones from Cambridge University, “There isn’t a childhood and then an adulthood,” he told BBC, “People are on a pathway, they’re on a trajectory.”

So, if it’s not reaching a certain age and if it’s more than one’s body development, how do you know you’re actually reaching adulthood? Funny thing is, all of us relate to a few things when coming to a point of realizing it! These relatable signs are barely noticeable and might even take some time before you realize. But when it does, it’ll hit you. “Wow, I’m actually growing old.”

Here are 4 relatable signs that you’re reaching adulthood

1. You find it more fun shopping at the houseware section more than the self-care section

Who doesn’t love department stores? Everything is basically there. But even if it is, we’d always go there to shop for clothes, accessories, makeup, or body care products. The time you reach adulthood is the time you stop spending so much time in these sections of a store. Eventually, it becomes more fun looking at matching pots, pans, glasses, and plates that’ll spice up your kitchen! Yes, even if you aren’t buying. I remember my sister telling me that she loves browsing at the houseware section just to shake off some stress. You might be doing the same thing too!

adulthood shopping

2. You often catch yourself checking out household items

Growing into an adult means constantly thinking of ways to have a nicer home! Rather than pampering yourself with so many products, you might catch yourself wanting to pamper your home more. In my experience, I realized I was reaching adulthood when I was sweeping the floors one day and thought of buying a new broom. I’ve never thought of buying a broom, or a shelf, or new lights, or new wallpapers. It feels just like yesterday when all I wanted was a barbie doll or a pair of sneakers. Now, a new dining table is what will make me happy, LOL.

adulthood shopping

3. You no longer want a festive birthday celebration

Overtime, the crowded house full of guests on your birthday as a child becomes less and less each year. Growing up and old means that you start to realize who you should be friends with and acquainted with. Most importantly, you realize who gets to be part of your personal circle throughout your adulthood. Celebrating your birthday as an adult is oftentimes just a nice dinner out with your loved ones, going camping, or a much-needed alone time relaxing at a spa. We’d want something lowkey yet much more rewarding than any kind of party we used to do when we were younger.

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adulthood celebration

4. You’d rather rest on a day off than do something fun

Adulthood is a busy point in life. May it be schoolwork, housework, or an actual career job, our hands are full of things to attend to pretty much every day. Weekends are not enough, and day offs don’t always come! So even if the chance to go bungee jumping or barhopping is looking right at you, the fluffy and cozy bed still looks a tad more enticing. Day offs are usually associated with lively activities, but let’s be real, it’d be much more of a waste if that isn’t really what you want to do!

Leaving childhood in the past to enter a new and quite unfamiliar beginning is deemed confusing to all of us. However, it has its own fun that we’ll eventually find comfort in. After all, it’s a stage in life where we continually explore and search for answers. At the same time, finding an answer comes with another question. The cycle goes on as we reach satisfactory settlement that’ll make this point in life the best.

Do you relate to any on this list?

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