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You’re never too old for that swag! Meet Lolo Drip

You’re never too old for that swag! Meet Lolo Drip

Who says you can only wear things of your age? Since when did fashion styles have an age limit?

You may feel hesitant to wear the trendy fashion today because of how people might react. But with Lolo Drip, YOU DO YOU! Who says you can only wear things of your age? Swag doesn’t have any age restrictions. No cap!

Meet Lolo Drip!

Instagram | @notsooldda

Dada Tabuzo, A.K.A. Lolo Drip, is a 68 – year old retired government employee who has now over 3 million likes on his TikTok account. I mean, his streetwear fashion shoots are dope. Who can blame them? This ‘super lolo’, as called by his 9 grandchildren, just proved to the internet how Gen Zs aren’t the only ones who got swag.  With his stylish streetwear, Lolo Drip shows how fashion is done.

He garnered the attention of many with his smooth style as he even posed like a real Gen z. Even famous dancer and social media personality, Niana Guerrero, noticed him on one of his TikTok videos commenting “tatay got the drip”

Facebook | Screenshot from Ger Tabuzo

They were surprised of how the post reached so much audience. “Hindi naman namin akalain na mag bo – boom yung first post ko na umabot halos ng 26k+ share sa fb and ‘di ko na tanda sa tiktok kung ilan views,” he said.

The streetwear fashion style idea

According to him, this fashion idea was pitched by his grandson from the US. The latter showed Lolo Drip a photo of @bygramps on Instagram.

He was hesitant to try it at first but thought that the style looked good on him after looking in the mirror.


His viral posts about his style got clothing lines and brands knocking at his doors. Fashionista Lolos are just the new thang! FR FR!

You would also most likely see him endorse local clothing brands. Streetwear does not limit to Gen Z bruh.

“Walang age, walang presyo, ang fashion. Matanda, mapabata, ukay man ang gamit mo, or designer brands, ang mahalaga na – express mo sarili mo sa pananamit,” he stated

Steal his look

Here are some of his looks that made him an internet fashion streetwear icon.

You can never go wrong with black and a converse

When in doubt, always choose black. Lolo drip shows off how that black converse can always go well with a simple black shirt and pants. Yup, he surely just rocked that style. FR FR!

Facebook | Ger Tabuzo

There’s just something about blue that makes you feel young

Not in the mood for black? Make it light! Lolo drip shows off how white pants aren’t really a bad idea. Wear it with your Nike sneakers with, of course, the right color mixes. Here’s one with the blue and white mix! SHEEESH!!

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Facebook | Ger Tabuzo

Being one with green, looking lit with that shorts and Nike sneakers

Let’s go with green. Looking trendy with the simple shirt, shorts and, of course, Nike kicks! Those shoes are just the new thing. I can really go with anything.

Featuring his grandson in this shoot, both of them looking fly!

Facebook | Ger Tabuzo

Street wear and vintage are said to be his favorite fashion style at the moment.

When asked about an advice to those who wants to try different styles, “kung ano gusto niyo at kung saan kayo masaya, yun naman ang importante confident kayo sa suot niyo tuwing lalabas kayo at dapat wala kayong pake sa sasabihin ng ibang tao,” he said.

You can check his TikTok, Instagram and Facebook account too for more of his streetwear styles.

Whether you are 21, 16, or 75, do that style of yours. Don’t let your age or anything else stop you from flexing your swag! Periodt.

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