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Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee

Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee


Coffee certainly keeps my whole day going. Iced coffee fuels me in the morning while a hot mug of it keeps me sane at night. Until one day… I gave up drinking.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

What smells more enticing than coffee? I couldn’t think of anything more appealing than its wafting scent, especially in the morning. I used to think of myself as someone who could never go a day without caffeine coursing through my veins.

One Day in July

2020 was a challenging year, but 2021 made it even harder and tough. I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression in July of that year. My shrink prohibits me from consuming a variety of food and beverages, including coffee. Mainly, to avoid complications with the medications I was prescribed. Initially, I must break away from my usual routine. It felt strange to have to give up one of the things that energize and invigorates me.

Water and milk became the alternatives. Tea is not allowed, in case you are wondering. Certain teas appear to increase anxiety rather than decrease it. I could not even drink bubble tea because of the side effects after just a few sips. All I can do is smell the delicious aroma of coffee and feel a little envious of the people around me.

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What’s next after coffee?

To be honest, a year has passed since my mouth last tasted coffee. I am not sure if I will start drinking anytime soon. I certainly have no idea if it will create a difference in my taste buds the next time I take a sip of it. It is all still vague. On a side note, while it used to revitalize my entire system, going a year without it improved my sleep schedule and, indeed, whittled down my panic attacks.

Coffee will always hold a special place in my heart. However, I need to pay special attention to my mental health, too.

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