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Coffee, in the Right Amount, is Good for You

Coffee, in the Right Amount, is Good for You

If you’re a coffee addict, you’ve probably wondered if coffee is healthy or unhealthy for your body. Its effects depend on your daily caffeine intake and what you incorporate into your coffee. But what is the right amount of coffee intake to be healthy?

Coffee, in the Right Amount, is Good for You

A good day starts with coffee. Every sip of it comes so fulfilling and recharging. However, everyone knows that caffeine comes with the thought of coffee. But don’t worry because that isn’t just what coffee contains. It has antioxidants and substances that may help reduce inflammation and protect your body from diseases.

Four hundred milligrams of caffeine is a good part of a healthy diet. According to studies, that equates to 3 to 5 eight-ounce cups of coffee. And people who don’t drink coffee, as stated by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, have an 11% higher chance of having cardiovascular disease than those who drink 2 cups a day. So, what are the benefits of drinking the right amount of coffee?

Lower rates of developing Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects an individual’s movement as it targets your brain, leading it to deteriorate. However, though caffeine isn’t a cure for the disease, it helps lower the chance of having Parkinson’s disease. It also helps those with the disease improve the control of their movements.

Healthier Liver

The right amount of coffee may help protect your liver. According to research, coffee drinkers may have a healthier range of liver enzyme levels than those who do not. That means your chance of getting a liver disease like cirrhosis decreases.

Slight chance of getting Colon Cancer

Coffee drinkers that consume the right amount of coffee, according to researchers, are 26 percent less likely to develop colon cancer. In the Philippines, in 2020, data shows a total of 9,091 deaths due to colorectal cancer. Six thousand one hundred nine deaths were rooted in colon cancer, while the remaining were because of rectum cancer.

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Decrease the risk of having Alzheimer’s Disease

The right amount of caffeine present in two cups of coffee helps individuals protect themselves against acquiring Alzheimer’s Disease.

“In the CAIDE study, coffee drinking of 3-5 cups per day at midlife was associated with a decreased risk of dementia/AD by about 65% at late-life.”

Marjo H Eskelinen, PhD

These are just some of the benefits a coffee drinker may get. However, this may still be arguable because of people’s add-ons in their coffee. Despite that, in the right amount, coffee is good for your health and diet. So have you had your cup of joe today?

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