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When Skincare Meets Poetry: Skin Poem Is not Just a Brand, it’s a Love-Language

When Skincare Meets Poetry: Skin Poem Is not Just a Brand, it’s a Love-Language

We used to believe that there are only five languages of love: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. But for Skin Poem love goes beyond those five. 

From branding, to their unique marketing strategy, Skin Poem knows how to really hook their audience through their poetries. Not just poetries, but inspiring words that really moved not just their consumer’s hearts but everybody who follows them. Indeed, Skin Poem is not just a typical skincare brand, but rather an arena that represents everybody who’s going though different phases, stories, and journeys.


To some people including myself who’s been longing for pure and genuine love for too long on their lives already, maybe we may not find the person who gonna love us right now. But have the assurance that once we give our loyalty to Skin Poem as part of our journey of improving ourselves, whether holistically through their poetries, and appearance through their products, we will feel the love we think we deserve.

Love That Comes Within

I know that feeling of putting your heart on the line; opening yourself up, exposed for the world to see, only to have it handed back to you on a silver platter by someone who was supposed to mean the world to you. I know the pain of hiding parts of yourself away; distancing yourself out of fear of trusting the wrong person again. To live with a newfound low self-esteem.

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Nonetheless, through the stories that Skin Poem represents, it will teach us that the genuine, and unconditional love that everyone craves to feel is right inside us. It’s that feeling from within that validates that we are beautiful; we are capable; and we are powerful. This is the real language of love.

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