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3 Neo Concerts that Fulfilled a Filozen’s 2022 Bucket List

3 Neo Concerts that Fulfilled a Filozen’s 2022 Bucket List

Attending a concert by a favorite artist is probably a significant milestone on a fan’s bucket list. As an NCTzen, not only did I experience that once or twice, but thrice a year! Can you imagine the number of expenses I had to sacrifice just for a single night with NCT? Well, one thing for sure is that they were definitely worth every penny!

Before a new year of concerts awaits, let me show you the three unforgettable Manila concerts of NCT this 2022!

Begin Again KPOP Edition (NCT DREAM)

On May 29, NCT DREAM took part in officially breaking the 2-year pandemic curse of prohibited Korean offline concerts. Coming from the title itself, Begin Again symbolizes the opening of K-Pop stage events once again in the Philippines. Surely, it was such a historical moment for the NCTzens who were able to experience this memorable day. Despite performing as a 5-membered group (originally 7), NCT DREAM continuously hypes the audience up to its mind-blowing stage presence!

Photo | Christine Mae Aguas

Ilichil finally set foot in Manila and held their first-ever solo concert last September 4! I could say that this was my greatest sacrifice — from the ticket camping to the chaotic D-DAY — you name it! I literally faced so many unhealthy experiences during The Link that any other fan couldn’t imagine doing. VIP Standing was a deadly zone; it’s like you are asking for a war at this point. But, seeing my nine boys dancing, singing, and giggling on stage expresses that everything links towards our happiness at last.

Photo | Christine Mae Aguas

I-POP U 2022 Manila (NCT DREAM and WAYV)

Another joint concert… what are the odds of seeing two NCT units in one lineup just before the year ends? Well, NCTzens were able to cross out another unit with a bonus on their bucket list on October 21! Nobody saw it coming — I-POP U announcement dropped out of nowhere while everyone was busy in NCity, I vividly remember. Unfortunately, both units were incomplete; but instead of popping my bubble, I blew it as my motivation to attend more! Who knows, a complete group concert might just be around the corner.

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Photo | Christine Mae Aguas

New year, new neo

As an NCTzen, entering the fandom with the knowledge of unlimited members means more groups that are hard to resist. That also means our savings are rising higher than our original budget (never fear, for it is no requirement!). However, if you are like me, a certified Czennie inggitera crossing rivers and mountains to see the neos, be prepared! You must surely ready your crying wallets and bleeding savings for the upcoming year of overflowing concerts!

Twitter | NCTsmtown

Which NCT unit do you think will open the 2023 stage in Manila? Place your bets!

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